Riot Games svela i 30 vincitori delle donazioni della community durante i Giorni del Progresso thumbnail

Riot Games unveils 30 community donation winners during Days of Progress

Riot Games officially announced llist of 30 community donation winners for Progress Days inspired by the TV series Arcane: League of Legends. For each of the 30 non-profit organizations chosen by the players, a donation of 10 thousand dollars is coming. With this donation, the Riot Games community will help support various non-profit businesses around the world with real help.

The details of the Riot Games initiative

Since last summer, Riot Games has been calling on its community to “support the forces of good”. Each user has been invited to nominate a cause and / or a non-profit organization to support. The players, in addition to reporting an organization to support, were asked to provide a testimony.

In this way, users were able to highlight the reason for the report. Overall, Riot Games has received over 19,000 reports. The company, with the help of Impact Assets and Global Giving, examined all the reports, identifying 30 which were then made a donation of 10 thousand dollars.

Overall, activities in 11 different fields were funded. Winning nonprofits are scattered throughout 18 countries in the world.

The complete list of nonprofits that have received a donation

América Solidaria Argentina, APAE Brasil, Ape Action Africa, Asian American Success Inc., BeLonG To, Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation, Cleanup Australia, Coalition for Rainforest Nations, Cordem ABP, Fundación Aquí Nadie Se Rinde I.A.P, Fundación Minga Valpo , Fundación Superación Pobreza, Genesis Women’s Shelter, Ingenium ABP, Instituto Vovô Chiquinho, LÖSEV, Maslow Project, Metropolitan Organization to Counter Sexual Assault (MOCSA), Plan International, Plan International Japan, Prairie State Legal Services, Shatterproof, Société Protectrices des Animaux (SPA), SPEAR Islington (Resurgo), The Nature Conservancy, The Table Community Food Centre, Verein für krebskranke Kinder Harz eV, WAI Wanaka, WaterAid, e World Wildlife Fund-SA.

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