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Rise of the Ronin: launch trailer available!

Right now, Team Ninja has released the launch trailer for Rise of the Ronin, which focuses on the relationship with the Twin Blade, with the use of live-action scenes and game graphics

To have Rise of the Ronin in your hands, which we have already told you about in a dedicated preview (click here!), there is only a week left now. In fact, Team Ninja’s exclusive RPG for PlayStation 5 It will arrive next March 22nd and, precisely in view of the imminent launch, the developers wanted to release the launch trailer, which you can find below. From the union of live-action scenes and game images, a decidedly exciting trailer emerged which seems to want to reflect the uniqueness of the title. Enjoy it.

The launch trailer for Rise of the Ronin throws us directly into 19th century Japan

Set in 19th century Japan, Rise of the Ronin will see us control a warrior customizable to our liking, and then delve into a historical period in which the so-called Western “Black Ships” threatened the previously closed borders of Japan. With our protagonist, we will be able to interact with a variety of real historical figures, while making history through the game’s open world. A bit like in Dragon’s Dogma (are you also waiting for the second chapter?), we will be able to customize two characters: in addition to the protagonist, in fact, it will also be possible to create the Twin Blade, the brother of the main character who grew up and trained together with him. The launch trailer for Rise of the Ronin focuses on this feature and compares scenes from the twins’ childhood with a tense showdown between the two, as grown-up ronin.

Rise of the Ronin seems to want to be a new start for Team Ninja, which has decided to mix the fighting style of titles such as Wo Long and Nioh to create captivating gameplay with a freer open world structure. From the various previous trailers we could understand how the developers’ intention was to focus attention on the greater sense of freedom of the game, with a plot that will react to our decisions as we choose our path as Ronin.

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