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Rise of the Ronin: new video released with focus on the combat system

Team Ninja, developer of Rise of the Ronin, has released a spectacular new video with a focus on combat for its new feudal action

The Japanese study: Team Ninja has just released an explanatory video on the combat of the action adventure Rise of the Ronin. The title will put us in the shoes of a masterless samurai during the tumultuous Bakumatsu period, when the shogunate found itself deciding between openness or isolation. The title appears to be the first major open world production for the software house and has already caused a lot of talk.

Our journey will make us known figures and institutions that shaped an era: from Yoshida Shoin to Sakamoto Ryoma, from the bakufu forces to the Shinsengumi. There really is something for all tastes and the title will certainly not fail to whet the appetite of fans of Japanese culture. We remind you that as it is published by Sony Interactive Entertainment, Rise of the Ronin will initially only be available for PS5 and will be released on March 22 this year.

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What the new Rise of the Ronin fight video looks like

In the video attached to the article the developers show us the features of the Rise of the Ronin’s complex combat system. Central is the use of To which works similarly to Wo Long’s stagger bar. In practice, you can overtake an enemy’s defenses by exploiting precise attacks and parries that expose him to a fatal and decisive blow. The counterattack in particular will be vital and with excellent timing and good reflexes you will be able to quickly wipe out crowds of enemies.

Excellent news also arrives on the variety side. In fact, we will be equipped not only with multiple weapons such as spears and bayonets, but also with three styles which will adapt to the various types of opponents. These are Ten (cielo), Chi (earth) e Jin (man) which will have to be mastered and used selectively to survive. Finally, to crown a dream gameplay comes the grappling hook which will not only allow us to stun enemies but will also give us extraordinary mobility.

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