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Rob a bank while wearing the Sonic The Hedgehog mask

A man in Florida attempted a bank robbery while wearing a “Sonic The Hedgehog” mask. The suspect is still a fugitive after escaping on foot.

Sonic attempts a bank robbery and then escapes with his super speed

I have used it right Sonic’s super-speed to escape the police? Anyway, the affair took place last week in Florida. A man – or at least by the voice identified as such – attempted a bank robbery (la Florida Credit Union of the city of DeLand) wearing the mask of the protagonist of the well-known videogame franchise. According to local reports, the robber used a hammer to destroy the barrier that separates the cashier from the users. At that point, frightened by the reaction of some employees, he would have run away on foot.

“Everyone is fine, the local police are at work,” he said Brian Leatherman, Florida Credit Union executive. The suspect is currently a fugitive and the DeLand Police Department is conducting its investigation also thanks to the support of eyewitnesses of the incident.

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