Rob Hale dona i suoi giochi come ultimo regalo post mortem thumbnail

Rob Hale donates his toys as his ultimate post mortem gift

Rob Hale donates his games as his ultimate gift post mortem thumbnail

After a long fight against a incurable diseaselo developer Rob Hale he tragically disappeared. The announcement comes from one of his collaborators, CJ, via a post published on Twitter. Let’s find out all the details together.

Rob Hale tragically disappears and decides to donate his video games

To remember the creativity by Rob Hale and allow more people to play his creationsi titles Waves e Waves 2: Notorious have been made available for free. Via the Twitter post CJ said:

“It was something Rob has been considering for the past couple of months when his situation has worsened, so I hope this can be seen as a parting gift for anyone who hasn’t played either game yet. In the years we have been together, Rob was very passionate and loved this job, he has always worked hard to make the best game possible.

This means Rob was aiming for the moon at times and failed, and sadly it means Waves 2 will definitely remain incomplete. But this does not take away the awe and pride that I have always had towards him, in seeing a person so dedicated to his profession “.

Anyone who wants to try out the titles and remember the developer can download Waves and Waves 2 for free via Steam. Waves and Waves 2 are two old school arcade space shooters characterized by geometric figures ready to do battle in closed arenas. Both titles boast a minimal graphics but extremely psychedelic.

For more information on the titles you can consult the official site.

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