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POCO X4 GT is the top of the range that costs little

Since the release of the Pocophone in 2018, POCO hasn’t ceased to amaze us with very high quality phones at a great price. And the new POCO X4 GT, whose review you are about to read, is no exception. Here is what we have been able to observe during our test.

The POCO X4 GT review

The new phone of the Chinese brand has a lot of aesthetics particular, apparently squared. This impression is given by the flat screen and the sharp and relatively wide side edge. However, it is not a telephone edgy: the corners are rounded, and the back is slightly rounded, with an opaque cover that does not take fingerprints and allows a firm grip. The declared weight of 200g (199 for the model available to us) it is very containedconsider the size.

POCO X4 GT photo cameras review

The screen from 6.6″ FHD+ it is wonderful both to look at and to use. The color rendering is of excellent quality, within the limits of a screen LCD instead of OLED, with maximum brightness that allows good usability even in particularly bright conditions. The refresh rate from 144Hz makes the use experience a lot fluid.


The rear photographic compartment immediately catches the eye for its size. The two most prominent large lenses (which is also a third macro and 2MPsmall in both size and utility, which we will therefore neglect) are a main from 64MP it’s a ultra-wide angle and 8MP.

The photographic quality is very good, although it depends a lot on the lighting conditions. At night or in low light conditions the photos are acceptable but nothing more. The wide angle leads to good results.

The front sensor, from 16MP, leads to good shots, although in selfies there seems to be some kind of beauty filter, in addition to the one that is available and deactivated, which makes the skin smoother than it is. It also lacks a “wide angle” mode for group selfies.

Recharge and autonomy

The battery from 5080 mAh guarantees a decent level of autonomy between one recharge and the next. With some variability due to use, this has settled between 20 and 30 hours.

graph reload autonomy POCO X4 GT review

However, what is impressed is there charging. With the integrated charger, the Turbo Charging and 67Wthat in less than an hour returns the battery to 100%.

Performance and user experience

From a performance standpoint, we have a chip MediaTek Dimensity 8100flanked by 8GB in RAM LPDDR5 e 128 GB internal memory UFS 3.1. Between the top-of-the-range chip, which has proven to have higher performance than the competition, and the latest generation memories, the user experience is extremely fluid. Multi-tasking and even heavy applications are no problem for this device.

A little less ideal is thedefault software interfacewhich requires a bit of learning and getting used to (or a bit of tweaking in the settings) for those coming from other Android systems.

POCO X4 GT review: our opinion

In our experience with the POCO X4 GT we have very little or nothing to complain about. It is a device fast, powerful, which recharges quickly and whose battery lasts more than enough, with a great screen and a more than good photo department. All at a basic list price under € 400 (€ 379.90 for the 128GB version, € 429.90 for the 256GB version; but it’s easy to find for even less). In short, you have little chance of being disappointed.


  • Excellent performance
  • Great screen
  • Fast charging
  • Ha he audio jack


  • Questionable software interface
  • Good but limited photographic department

More information available on the official website of POCO.

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