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Roblox: a success at launch on PlayStation!

The first data on the launch of Roblox on Playstation has been made available. Let’s see them together in this article

According to what was reported by Mat Piscatella, executive director of Circana, already at the launch Roblox can be considered a real success on PlayStation, becoming the third best debut on that console: behind only Call of Duty e Fortnite. In fact, according to Piscatella’s analytical group, the online game creation platform has become one of Sony’s most popular titles. During all these years, Roblox has achieved approx 66 million gamers who play the title every day on all the platforms where it is available. The platform was published, in fact, way back in 2006 on PC, then on the iOS system in 2012 and Android in 2014. On consoles, for the first time, it was published in 2015 on Xbox One.

Roblox: a success at launch on PlayStation!

Roblox and the successful launch on PlayStation

In fact, we read in a tweet from Piscatella: “According to the Circana tracker, during its launch week Roblox ranked third in percentage of PlayStation players who played the title at least once. Only Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II and Fortnite did better.” In short, a resounding success that follows in the wake of what has already happened on the other platforms where the game is already available. Obviously, we will have to see how long it lasts. Roblox is currently only available in the PS4 versionalthough you can still play them on PS5.

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