Robo: here is the device that analyzes electricity consumption in real time

Robo: here is the device that analyzes electricity consumption in real time

The EnerTech startup of the A2A Group is the first in Italy to integrate IoT technology in the management of electricity supply. Thanks to “Robo” (and its data) it will be possible to check the consumption of household appliances from the smartphone, to know in advance if the light is about to blow up and to receive personalized advice to better manage your consumption

It fits into the electrical cabinet, collects the electricity consumption data of each appliance and, based on the latter, provides the user with personalized suggestions on both appliances and how to consume better. Robo is the latest product of innovation that NeN e A2A are bringing to the world of domestic supplies: the first IoT device in Italy which allows you to monitor the energy consumption of the various appliances connected to the electricity grid in real time from your smartphone. And to transform this data into actions that help the environment and the wallet.

Robo: operation and main features

Based on the NILM technology – a particular non-intrusive technology that allows you to analyze and monitor voltage changes – the Robo snaps onto the cable which, literally, transports energy, thus becoming one with the electrical panel. The rest do the algorithms: after a short learning period, the device begins to interpret the data, aggregate them and classify them as coming from one or the other appliance, recognizing the consumption of the refrigerator, electric oven, dishwasher, washing machine, air conditioner and dryer, in addition to those ” macro ”resulting from lighting and standby.

Each household appliance, in fact, consumes electricity in a particular way, with more or less high and more or less constant current peaks, such as to define, for each, a unique “electric footprint”. The technology of the Robo analyze these peaks and, consequently, identifies the appliances, showing their consumption on the NeN app. The analysis then enables the action and, again through the app, you go from real-time monitoring up to notifications with optimization recommendations and alerts for energy loads.

With the Robo – and with theapp connected to it – NeN makes its consumption data accessible to anyone, not only from an operational and technological point of view, but also and above all from the point of view of viewing, understanding and using information. Bringing the benefits of Big Data at the single supply level, NeN succeeds – first in Italy in the utility world – in the innovation of (re) putting their consumption data in the hands of each “NeNner”. In line with the 100% digital and 100% green approach that EnerTech has had since its foundation, the “Robo” fills the word “sustainability” with meaning, enabling users to act personally on the data, change your habits to reduce waste and adopt more sustainable behaviors.

Availability and other projects

The Robo, which will be available by subscription for all NeN customers starting from now, in addition to reporting consumption in real time on the app’s “power tachometer”, it is able to warn the user when the power is about to fail, or provide advice on how to optimize consumption. Currently available only for the light supply, is also being studied in his “gas” version, with the aim of making the entire universe of domestic supplies smart and sustainable.

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