Robomow RK2000 review, the robotic lawnmower for a perfect lawn

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Anyone who has a garden knows it: it takes time and perseverance to get a perfect English lawn. Many will have happened, throwing an eye out the window, to spy – with a certain envy – the proverbial neighbor who always has a supernatural green thumb (and a lot of free time) that allows him to get a perfect mowing of his lawn, with results so precise as to pass a possible ruler test.

The Robomow Rk2000, the automatic lawnmower robot designed by the Israeli company of the same name, arrives on the market with the express purpose of smoothing out any difference in level of expertise and perseverance, so that everyone, even the laziest or inexperienced, can finally take pride in a perfectly tidy garden.

An ambitious promise that the Robomow Rk2000 manages to keep perfectly, despite small design flaws that could cause some annoyance to the most demanding users.

The Robomow RK2000 review

Let’s start with the positive notes: Robomow RK2000 installation is very simple, even if the initial setup requires a certain degree of patience and planning. The positioning of the charging base must be carried out following a few, simple instructions: the selected place must be no more than 10 meters away from a power outlet, preferably in a corner of the garden characterized by flat ground, so as to allow the Robomow RK2000 to easily dock to carry out its regular charging cycle.

This position can be easily determined using the RobotRuler, that is a practical customized meter that will guide you in every setting phase, including the correct layout of the perimeter wire. In fact, Robomow Rk2000 moves within a predetermined area that marks the area of ​​action within which you want the robotic lawnmower to carry out its work – a coverage area that can be defined with great precision up to drawing a passageway between different areas or exclude flower beds or other decorative elements.
Always through the RobotRuler, in fact, we will be able to easily identify the ideal positioning to delimit each portion of the garden with great precision, with particular attention to depressions, walls, fences and other obstacles that could hinder the path of the robot.
Take care to lay the cable and secure it with the pegs supplied, following the few simple tricks that also applied to the Robomow RX – the model is different, but the methodology remains the same.

Nothing metaphysical about it either the display. In addition to the canonical set-up which allows you to set the date and time, the software will ask you to determine the overall size of your garden, the characteristics of the soil, the time and duration of each mowing shift and above all the desired cutting height. On the screen we can see at what height we are setting the cutting of the grass (from 10mm to 90mm), while the blades are simply adjustable via a knob that raises and lowers them according to how we want to cut our lawn. In case the mowing settings are inadequate in proportion to the area to be mowed, the display will warn you to increase Robomow’s shifts.

If the grass that our robot has to deal with is particularly wild and uncultivated, it is advisable to select the high cut mode, gradually reducing the height over a couple of weeks. Even better, the Robomow features intelligent planning that autonomously establishes, based on the characteristics of the terrain and the perimeter of the garden, the cutting plan that best suits your needs.

Don’t worry: the instruction manual allows you to extricate yourself through the various options and symbols until you get to the most congenial setting. For this purpose, especially for those who do not chew English, we strongly recommend downloading the instruction manual via QR code to fully understand all the functions of the display, which remains strictly English-speaking even when the Italian language is selected.

Once these small linguistic misunderstandings have been overcome, the Robomow – when properly set up – undoubtedly does its job flawlessly. The small size of the blades, however, makes the work particularly laborious and slow, especially in the presence of large surfaces and particularly large lawns, making it necessary to unleash the robot day and evening to obtain adequate results.

No fear: Robomow is extremely quiet, and even during the night his constant work does not run the risk of unleashing the wrath of the neighborhood – even considering the satisfactory battery life, about 2 hours, which ensures a tireless coming and going.

Of course, if on the one hand our smart lawnmower has wheels powerful enough to allow it to successfully tackle more or less high differences in height, or to easily overcome branches and roots, on the other hand the weak rotation of the blades does not make it a desirable gardener in presence of shrubs and plants with a more consistent stem than the classic blade of grass, towards which it proves quite powerless.

Furthermore, the absence of sensors on the upper body of the robot makes it unaware of the presence of branches or other protrusions located at a reduced height – eventuality in which the upper part of the robot will inevitably be scratched: a design inattention that will only disappoint the most inflexible lovers of aesthetics. Unfortunately rain sensors are also missing, so if a thunderstorm should break out, you will have to send your robot back home, to prevent it from taking a good downpour. If you decide not to buy its practical cover, but to take it to the shelter every evening or when the weather becomes uncertain, it will certainly not be a problem. Robomow is light and easy to carry with its special handle.

Is it worth buying?

Overall, the Robomow RK2000 is a device for sure effective and reliable, able to relieve you of the unquestionable commitment that requires a well-kept garden in every small clod. The cost – 2.049 € – it might seem too high to most people, pushing them towards models of a lower price range, with comparable performance in the face of equally lower needs.

Ultimately, the Robomow RK2000 does not disappoint expectations and is certainly recommended for those lucky enough to enjoy the joys (and pains) of a large green expanse: yet, as specified by the company, in order to be able to appreciate and exploit it. all the potential, we would like to recommend it only to those users who have lawns and gardens available that require a large amount of attention due to their large size – eventuality, let’s face it, quite rare in many large cities and therefore could discourage them the purchase. The rest, however, will have nothing to complain about.

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