Rocket League: announced the start date of the season 3

Rocket League: announced the start date of the season 3

The start date of Rocket League season 3 has been announced with a new trailer, along with all the news that will be introduced along with it

Season 2 of the popular free-to-play is coming to an end, and with that so it’s time to deepen future updates, starting from the release date of the new season. In fact, a new trailer was released today containing the start date of the season 3 of Rocket League, along with the most important updates that the title will enjoy.

The start date of the season 3 of Rocket League is in fact accompanied by big updates

The start of the next season of Rocket League is scheduled for the next April 7. With the new season, many updates will arrive. First of all, there will be additions related to Formula 1 and NASCAR, of which we will have more information in May. A brand new car will also be released with the Rocket Pass (coming next week), the Auranus, which has been described as a speed-focused car, and which will have the same hitbox as the Dominus. You will also be able to enjoy the new design of the DFH Stadium, to which a pitchside track will be added.

The actual update will be released on April 6, and starting the following day it will be possible for players to access the new content of the new season. Rocket League is available for PC and consoles, and can now boast of a large community thanks to the fact that it was made free-to-play during 2020. If you want to stay updated on Rocket League and the videogame world in general, stay tuned to If you want to buy games at discounted prices, do so by taking a look at the Instant Gaming catalog.

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