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Rome on Google Maps becomes more inclusive

Using artificial intelligence, Google Maps made it easier for you to get around streets of Rome, for everyone. In fact the maps are more detailed, with the pedestrian routes also for move with wheelchairs or strollers.

Rome on Google Maps is more detailed and inclusive

Artificial intelligence of Google has analyzed the many images of our capital. This allowed the software designed in Mountain View to figure out where you are find sidewalks and pedestrian crossings in Rome. But not only that: the artificial intelligence is precise enough to be able to analyze the shapes and dimensions of the sidewalks as well. Or the slope of a road and many others obstacles that we might find on the way.

This allows you to plan the most suitable route for everyone. For example, anyone who uses a wheelchair or has to push a stroller may decide to avoid a road without the right rampsand, or too narrow to be walked safely. Limits that there shouldn’t be, but in the hope that the architectural barriers are removed, these solution can help manage mobility in the city.

“These details are useful because more and more people are looking for new ways to get around the city due to the pandemic and in this way they will be able to plan their route more”. A feature that Google has launched in several cities last year in August and that finally arrives also for the city par excellence.

In addition to more detailed maps, Google has updated the app to make busiest or roadblocked areas more easily visible at a glance. In this way, getting around the city becomes easier. It is also inclusive.

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