Rowenta and Moulinex: many gift ideas for this Christmas

Matteo De Filippi

With Christmas just around the corner, Rowenta and Moulinex are also offering us some gift ideas. Let’s see together the proposed products

The period most loved by young and old is finally coming. As he leaves the final countdown for this year, many are still looking for the right gifts to give to their loved ones. If you are among those undecided, we advise you to take a look at our section. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a gift for mum or dad, or maybe even for your wife or husband, the Gift ideas from Rowenta and Moulinex for this Christmas they might be the one for you.

Here are Rowenta’s gift ideas for Christmas

The first product proposed is X-Force Flex 14.60the cordless vacuum cleaner equipped with DigitalForce enginethat offers a maximum suction of up to 200 AirWatts, for a powerful cleaning of the whole house. Thanks to the innovative flex technology, is able to clean even under the lowest furniture, without physical effort. Equipped with excellent autonomy, 5 adjustable speeds and the Deep Power LED system, it is ideal for fighting dust.

X-Touch is the powerful and compact handheld vacuum cleaner, perfect for fighting dirt down to the last crumb. Thanks to her compact charging base, is always ready to use in a practical and fast way; furthermore, weighing just 0.5 kgis extremely handy and easy to use.

Still on the subject of cleaning, X-Plorer Serie 75S+ is the new robot vacuum cleaner from Rowenta equipped with emptying station which allows you to forget about daily cleaning for 60 days. Thanks to the ultra-powerful digital motor, the high-precision laser navigation and the Aqua Force System, the robot guarantees excellent results in every corner of the house. It vacuums and washes in one go and, thanks to the Wi-Fi connection and multi-floor mapping, it’s possible control the robot easily via the app or voice assistants, even remotely.

For the freaks of hygiene and perfection, the German company offers the Eclipse 2in1 purifier and fan, which ensures high air purification and refreshes the environment with the ventilation function. The purification function allows you to capture up to 99.95% of fine particles and up to 99% of fine particles to keep the whole family safe. Silent and elegant, it features 12 speeds.

Formula 1 10 in 1 beard trimmer it adapts to every need and is perfect for beard, hair, face and body. With 9 accessoriesincluding combs and precision beard trimmer, has Formula 1 titanium coated steel blades which, in addition to guaranteeing exceptional performance, offer a perfect cut from the first pass.

The Maestria Ultimate Experience Hair Dryer it is excellent for obtaining perfect styling even at home. The motore Nano Brushless with high airflow and an extra-thin 5mm concentrator are capable of producing a highly accurate flow, while the advanced Air-To-Care technology dries the hair giving maximum shine.

Here are the Moulinex gift ideas for Christmas

i-Companion Touch XL is the all-in-one food processor with touchscreen and Wi-Fi connection. With the “in my fridge” function, just enter the ingredients and weight (the connected scale makes this step easier) and in one touch a personalized recipe will appear. It features well 13 speed settings, 14 automatic programs and 7 dedicated accessories. For the more demanding, further compatible accessories are also available: vegetable cutter, steamer, mini container and jars for baby food and pastry kits. It is also possible to create and organize your personal cookbooks through the app and then find them directly on the screen of your Companion Touch.

Cookeo Touch WiFi is the multicooker touch and connected with 6L capacity, for lunches and dinners up to 6 seats. It features 13 cooking modes between pressure, steam, slow cooking, stewing, browning, reheating, keeping warm and express pressure cooking to cook quickly in less than 10 minutes. The intuitive display suggests many recipes and all the steps necessary to make them and it is possible to obtain personalized suggestions and recipes based on the ingredients available. Connected to the dedicated app it allows you to cook dishes even remotely. For the more creative, it is also possible to upload your own recipes and insert them in an ad hoc online recipe book and share them with the Moulinex community.

Easy Fry Oven&Grillthe 9-in-1 air fryer that offers both automatic and manual functions of air frying, searing, grilling, baking and rotisserie, dehydrating, roasting and reheating. With well 8 preset programs, the fryer is an ally in the kitchen from appetizers to desserts. His large capacity of 11 Lmakes it ideal for preparing up to 6 servings. The new Moulinex air fryer is the 30% faster and more energy efficient compared to a classic oven. Furthermore, Easy Fry Oven&Grill allows the temperature control starting from 45°C up to 200°Callowing you to obtain exceptionally precise results.

These were all Rowenta and Moulinex gift ideas for this Christmas. What do you think about it? Let us know yours in the comments. In order not to miss further news relating to the electronic and technological universe, continue to follow the pages of everything!

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