Rowenta launches the new X-Plorer Series 120 AI robot vacuum cleaner

Rowenta lancia il nuovo robot aspirapolvere X-Plorer Serie 120 AI thumbnail

Rowenta announced the launch of the new X-Plorer Series 120 AI robot vacuum cleaner. The new cleaning system is equipped with artificial intelligence and is therefore capable of suggesting personalized cleaning routines adapted to the lifestyle of the user and his home. Here are the details on Rowenta’s new product:

The new X-Plorer Series 120 AI robot vacuum makes its debut

The strength of Rowenta’s X-Plorer Series 120 AI is the customization. The robot, in fact, is able to set different cleaning routines according to the various contexts of use, adapting the operation according to the room to be cleaned.

Also note that the robot can connect to voice assistants and various Smart Home systems. Furthermore, for precise navigation, Rowenta’s proposal is equipped with laser technology and a camera with permanent mapping capable of managing multiple rooms automatically.

Management takes place via the Rowenta Robots app. The robot is able to guarantee one 4 in 1 cleaning with two side brushes, a central one and the Aqua Force system. There are also Animal Care brushes, ideal for vacuuming pet hair. Thanks to the integrated battery it is possible to use the robot for 120 minutes in a row, covering an area of ​​150 square meters.

Prices and availability

Rowenta’s new X-Plorer Series 120 AI is already available for purchase. The price is 649,99 euro. Until 31 August it is possible to take advantage of the Cashback Home promotion.