Vivid makes the Italian IBAN available to new customers

Vivid mette a disposizione dei nuovi clienti l'IBAN italiano thumbnail

Vivid records an important step forward in its growth program in Italy with the arrival of the‘Italian IBAN for new customers. This is great news for the German fintech that aims to offer an increasingly complete and articulated offer to users in our country. Here are the details:

Vivid customers will be able to count on the Italian IBAN

Thanks to the Italian IBAN it will be possible for new Vivid customers to access various new services. Among the functionalities accessible with the Italian IBAN we find thesalary credit or of the pension directly to the Vivid account. Also note the possibility of home utilities and subscriptions. Furthermore, during the foreign account phase, it will no longer be necessary to report the external account in case of average stock or maximum value exceeding the limitations set by law. It should also be noted that for existing customers the institute is studying the solutions available to switch to the Italian IBAN. Vivid offers the new local IBAN to Italian customers thanks to the platform solaris bank, Banking as a service provider of reference in Europe.

The comment of the founder

Alexander Emeshev, founder of Vivid, che comments: “The arrival of the local IBAN represents a very important step, because it facilitates the use of Vivid as a primary account. But this is only the beginning: through the launch of new services and partnerships, in the coming months we will make Vivid ever closer to the needs of our Italian customers, guaranteeing them a complete platform to manage all their banking, payments and investment needs. “

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