Rowenta presents the new X-Force Flex 14.60 electric broom

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Rowenta’s most powerful cordless vacuum cleaner arrives on the market, equipped with a 200 AirWatts digital motor, exclusive Flex technology, control display and many accessories for the whole house.

Rowenta and the new X-Force Flex 14.60

Rowenta launches the new one on the market X-Force Flex 14.60, top of the range electric broom of the entire X-Force series. It is a foolproof device for cleaning sessions in the name of power and comfort. In fact, the new electric broom ensures high performance and advanced technology for excellent cleaning results everywhere.

Among the various strengths of the new X-Force model, we certainly find the engine Digital Force. This guarantees a suction power of up to 200 AirWatts. An additional value lies in the 9-cell 32.4V lithium battery. This guarantees a high and constant suction power, for a maximum duration of up to 1 hour and 10 minutes and a recharge of only 3 hours. The great autonomy of X-Force Flex 14.60 makes it ideal for a complete cleaning of all environments, from the smallest to the largest.

Also, thanks to the digital control display, it is possible to monitor in real time both the power used. The digital screen also allows you to choose between 5 power levels and the Boost button, to meet all cleaning needs. The display is therefore a valid ally not only to keep the work of the electric broom under control, but also to optimize its processes.

All the efficiency and convenience of FLEX technology

The entire range is characterized by exclusivity Flex technology. It is a system that allows you to go up to 4 times further, even under low furniture, without having to bend over. There motorized brush with LED light it also effectively eliminates dust even in the most hidden corners under furniture, for maximum effectiveness on floors and carpets. And, if you need to change the surface or mode of use, X-Force Flex 14.60 goes portable. In fact, thanks to Stop & Go technology, you can switch to handheld vacuum mode in one click, while the hose and brush stand on their own. Finally, using the cyclonic technology and integrated filter, X-Force Flex 14.60 catch the 99.9% of the powder.

Rowenta’s X-Force Flex 14 arrives on the market with wide range of accessories included. These include: a mini electric brush, to thoroughly remove animal hair and stubborn dirt, a flat nozzle, for cracks and hard-to-reach areas, a sofa brush, ideal for fabrics, a base of charge, to easily refill and store the appliance, two integrated brushes, to perfectly clean all surfaces at any time and a replacement filter.

Rowenta X-Force Flex 14.60 is available at the Rowenta online store and leading physical and online retailers at the recommended price of € 549,99.