Rowenta X-Force Flex 15.60: the most powerful vacuum cleaner

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Rowenta launches X-Force Flex 15.60, the most powerful cordless vacuum cleaner in the X-Force range, which combines power, autonomy and hi-tech innovations

After the success of the model 14.60arrives on the market X-Force Flex 15.60 the cordless vacuum cleaner anymore powerful and intelligent from Rowenta, ideal for cleaning the whole house thoroughly, effortlessly. The brand new electric broom ensures a cleaning experience in the name of comfort, thanks to the unique combination of innovations hi-tech: Keeping the floors and surfaces of your home clean and free of debris has never been like this simple. Technology is in the DNA of the product as of the whole range flex: the design of the hose to get anywhere, too under the low furniture and equipped with a motorized light brush LED to also eliminate dust more hidden.

But the great innovation of this X-Force model is the digital engine, which reaches i 230 AirWatts of power, to vacuum even large debris. Furthermore, thanks to the uniqueness of the brush, it is even easier to vacuum up even the heaviest dirt such as corn flakes o noccioline.

Rowenta X-Force Flex 15.60: the most powerful vacuum cleaner

X-Force Flex 15.60: new Smart Technology

Together with the extreme power of the X-Force Flex 15.60 electric broom also the new one Smart Technologywhich further optimizes cleaning sessions through the automatic recognition of the type of surface (floor / carpet), adjusting the suction power. But not only! Rowenta’s new electric broom is equipped with a filter cleaning sensorwhich notifies the user when the maintenance by means of a warning light: in this way, the vacuum cleaner is able to maintain powerful suction over time, without loss of performance.

The digital control display also allows you to view thebattery lifeand the power used in such a way as to manage the 5 methods of use and optimize your sessions. The flagship of the new device, the presence of the lithium battery from 9 cells and 32.4Vwhich guarantees a high suction power, for a maximum duration of 1 hour and 20 minutesideal for a complete cleaning even of large rooms, with a fast solar charging cycle 3 ore. The battery is removable and can be easily recharged; by purchasing a second battery it is also possible to double the autonomy (up to 2 hours and 40 min).

Rowenta X-Force Flex 15.60: the most powerful vacuum cleaner

Wall-mounted charging station

To further facilitate the use of Rowenta X-Force Flex 15.60the new model arrives on the market with a functional wall charging stationwhich allows you to load the vacuum cleaner, without having to drill into the wall, and store accessories, thus keeping them close at hand. In addition, the tube of the charging station can also be used as an accessory, by hooking it to the tube of the vacuum cleaner it will be possible extend the length of the device and even up to higher ceilings.

X-Force Flex 15.60 is also perfect for anyone who owns a home with one large size, in particular, the dust container from 0,9L, very easy to empty, it has been designed to clean large surfaces without the need for continuous emptying. Furthermore, both the both the filter and the container are washable with water, to keep the appliance extremely clean. A further added value of the new Rowenta electric broom is the presence of 8 accessories includedideal for owners of pets or to clean your own auto.

A turbo brush to effectively remove i two of animals, one flat crevice nozzle for cracks and hard-to-reach areas, one sofa brush ideal for i fabricsand hose for greater practicality, an exclusive charging baseand replacement filter and two integrated brushes to perfectly clean all surfaces at any time.

Rowenta X-Force Flex 15.60: the most powerful vacuum cleaner

Price and availability

Rowenta X-Force Flex 15.60 is available at the Rowenta ei online store major retailers physical and onlineand at the recommended price of 699,99 euro.

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