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Rowenta’s review X-Plorer Series 75 S+: on the right track

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the name Rowenta?
Well, there are those who will think about their iron, those who will look at their hair dryer, those who will remember that it’s time to put the fan in the cellar (also because it’s almost December).
There are also those who, like us, will think of the old slogan “Rowenta, for those who are not satisfied”, mindful of the TV commercials that aired in the 90s.
Few of you will have thought about robot vacuum cleaners. And there it is. After all, compared to the company’s other products, robot vacuum cleaners are a relatively recent business. However, “recent” does not mean “immature”. In reverse, Rowenta X-Plorer Serie 75 S+ he proved to be an excellent adventure companion. We tell you everything in this review.

Rowenta X-Plorer Series 75 S+ review

Two things immediately struck us about this Rowenta X-Plorer Series 75 S+: the size and ease of installation.


Why the size? Because the base doesn’t take up too much space. And no, it’s not obvious. We are facing a product with automatic dust emptying, which means that the base contains both the bag (which lasts about 60 days) and the suction technology necessary to remove the dirt from the tank; all this usually leads manufacturers to have slightly more abundant bases, perhaps with a sort of platform on the bottom to facilitate the correct positioning of the robot. This is not the case with X-Plorer Series 75 S+, which instead comes with a very compact column and a decidedly more comfortable and less bulky emptying and refilling system.

On the other hand, the dimensions of the disc are more or less identical to the other robot vacuum cleaners which, even aesthetically, do not differ from the competition. On the front we find the inevitable bumper, the infrared sensor and the anti-collision sensors while on the upper part we have two keys, one to Start/Pause and one to send it back to base, e a turret for the LiDARa sophisticated technology that guarantees extremely precise navigation and mapping.
On the other hand, the on and off switch, which is located on one side, is a bit unusual. Don’t worry, it’s protected by a plastic cover so you don’t run the risk of bumping or touching it accidentally.
On the lower part we have, as per tradition, the wheels for moving, the main brush and the side brush, the one that allows the dirt to be brought to the center to facilitate vacuuming.
Finally, on the back, we have him, the container. Which are actually two. Yes why Rowenta X-Plorer Series 75 S+ does not just vacuum but is able to wash the floor.

Rowenta X Plorer Series 75 S tank review

To achieve this result, the company has decided to integrate a mechanism that we particularly appreciated: when you take out the container, you will have the sensation of being faced with a single block, but that is not the case. Available you have two containers that, for convenience, join together but are actually separate. What’s the plus? First of all you can clean and wash the filter and dust container without difficulty and, secondly, do not risk that water enters the dust containercreating incrustations and lumps which are then unpleasant and difficult to remove.
On the other hand, the mechanism linked to the washing cloth is a little less comfortable, which is stuck with brute force in the appropriate housing, making it difficult to remove. It will not often happen that you want to do this, also because it will be difficult for you to give up washing, but we would have appreciated a slightly easier system, especially considering that changing the cloth does not only involve a “rip and reattach” but also the insertion of part of the plastic holder inside a fabric mini-pocket.

Rowenta X Plorer Series 75 S cloth review


Installation does not require any technical skills: positioned the base, position the robot and then follow the instructions shown on the app X-Plorer S72-S95. Basically you will have to press the two keys to activate the pairing mode, select the WiFi network generated by the robot and enter the home WiFi data, after which you can already start the first cleaning session, essential for mapping your home.

Rowenta X-Plorer Series 75 S+ review: how does it clean?

Rowenta X Plorer Series 75 S wash review

Rowenta X-Plorer Series 75 S+ performs great: in about 40 minutes he cleans a 50 m2 house, leaving nothing out and sneaking in wherever possiblewith the battery not normally going below 65%.
The floor looks like this well cleaned and, much to our surprise, we didn’t have to remove hair from either the main or side brushes often.

Navigation is also excellentwith the robot vacuum cleaner that does not crash into obstacles, preserving its integrity and above all that of the objects scattered around the house.
It also performs very well with clothes, slippers, shoes and cables placed on the floor, avoiding them without great difficulty. So rest assured, a dangling USB cable won’t turn into a tangled cable inside the brush.
The LiDAR then allows you to have an excellent mapping.
Fun fact: X-Plorer Serie 75 S+ managed to map part of the balcony without having ever been there, only with its sensors.

The only item to consider are the carpets. When they’re small and light, like bathroom rugs, he tends to carry them around the house. Our suggestion – actually valid for the whole category – is to remove them before the police where possible.

Customize everything with the app

Rowenta X Plorer Series 75 S app review

As anticipated, to accompany X-Plorer Series 75 S + we find the application that allows you to start cleaning and customize the experience. With a few taps you can decide to clean a single room, an area or a precise point.

The application also allows remote control of the robot, the ability to play the speaker to find it and that of schedule cleaningdeciding days and times.
There is no lack of cleaning history, the status of the various components and the Do Not Disturb mode, which allows you to skip the programming and eliminate sounds and notifications.
From the settings it is possible too decide the type of suction (Quiet, Standard, Power and Max) and Humidity level (Dry, Low, Medium and High). But that’s not all, you can also create a custom mode, which is a cleaning pattern that has different settings for different rooms. For example, if you know that the kitchen is your weak point, you can raise the suction power. Or, again, you can use more water to clean the toilet.

Excellent too the map, which is super precise and which you can modify by joining, dividing and renaming the rooms.

The only drawback is compatibility with voice assistants, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, which for now only allow you to start or stop the robot.

Rowenta X-Plorer Series 75 S+ review: conclusions

Rowenta X Plorer Series 75 S bag

Rowenta X-Plorer Series 75 S+ is very comfortable, intelligent, guarantees a high level of cleanliness and saves you a lot of time, also thanks to the self-emptying dust system. The water is then well dosed so the floor does not remain wet and you will not have to refill the tank frequently.
The application that guarantees you full control of your robot is also excellent.
In short, Rowenta has done a really good job, with the X-Plorer Series 75 S+ which has nothing to envy to the competition.

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