Russia vs Meta: the platform branded by the nation as an extremist

Russia vs Meta: la nazione chiede lo stop alle attività estremiste della piattaforma thumbnail

The embassy of the Russia has just asked the United States to put a stop to extremist activities Metawith particular attention to Facebook and Instagram, that according to the nation they are spreading false information and hatred regarding the invasion of Ukraine, a claim that obviously leaves the time it finds. This request comes after Meta loosened the measures that limit foul language on the platform regarding the Russian question.

Russia vs Meta: stop to extremist activities

The umpteenth threat to Russia was unleashed by the change in Meta’s policies, which is allowing for a limited period, posts that incite violence towards the country, regarding its invasion of Ukraine. “What Meta is doing is called ‘inciting to’racial hatred which in Russian legislation qualifies as extremism “, explained the deputy head of the Russian committee on technologies and communications, Anton Gorelkin.

For its part, Facebook stated the following: “We will temporarily allow certain forms of expression politics that would otherwise violate our policies ”, specifying that among these posts there are also those that praise the death of the invaders. It is therefore a rather controversial decision, despite the gravity of the situation which shows no signs of improving in Ukraine.

“These are temporary measures to defend the freedom of expression of the people who are facing this situation – added Meta in his statement, continuing explaining that it is a measure delimited by the borders of the invasion – As usual, we are banning calls for violence against the Russians outside the strict context of the ongoing invasion “.

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