Russia: voleva comprare droni da guerra ma si è ritrovato con una vagonata di sex toys thumbnail

Russia: Wanted to buy war drones but ended up with a ton of sex toys

A story so absurd as to be true. It happened in Russia, where Putin Supporter Says He Wants To Spend $25,000 To Buy War Drones To Donate To Russian Armywhen in reality he fell victim to Ukrainian hackers who made him buy $ 25,000 worth of sex toys. And now he just doesn’t know what to do with it.

The news comes directly from the Ukrainian hacker group called Cyber ​​Resistance (via Business Insider). Through their Telegram channel, the hackers announced that they had hacked his AliExpress account Mikhail Luchin and to have used it to buy $25,000 worth of sex toys. Luchin, a Russian supporter of the war, had publicly announced plans to use that amount to supply the Russian army.

“Now instead of drones, a truck full of vibrators, strapons and other things that are very valuable to the Russian people will be delivered,” the group said.

Russia: fewer war drones and more sex toys

Cyber ​​Resistance described Luchin as a war criminal and friend of the Russian military blogger who died Sunday in a cafe explosion in St. Petersburg.

“Now, in addition to being a war criminal, he also owns a collection of dildos,” the group said.

As proof of the purchase, Cyber ​​Resistance has published the screens of the products purchased. Luchin himself had made it known through his Telegram account that his AliExpress account had been hacked and that part of his money had been stolen.

Who knows what he will do when the courier knocks on the door. From Putin to put in is really a moment.

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