Russian hackers hit the CSM and the Italian Ministry of Labour

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The collective NoName, known for its pro-Russian sympathies, has claimed responsibility for a new hacker attack on the institutional sites of the Italian government. This time, the Russian hackers they aimed at the site of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies and on the website of the Superior Council of the Judiciary (CSM). Both are currently unreachable.

Russian hackers attack the CSM and the Ministry of Labor in Italy

Il group NoName 057(16) it is the same one who claimed responsibility for the attacks on the sites of the Carabinieri, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Defense and some private companies such as Tim and A2a in February this year.

The claim comes via the group’s Russian-language Telegram channels, where they wrote: “How many Italian sites do you think will be victims of our hardships today?“. Implying that there could be more attacks later in the day. NoName 057(16) is one of the most active Russian groups in cyberwarfare which supports the Kremlin in the cybernetic conflict in Ukraine.

Indeed, it was born just a year ago, shortly after the entry of Russian tanks into the Kyiv Territory. The group has carried out a series of attacks against government entities and critical infrastructure in Ukraine and the countries that support it.

Today’s attack is only the latest in a series of cyber offensives by Russia that Italy has been the victim of in the last year. The NoName group did not specify the type of attack launched on the site of the Ministry of Labour. However, it usually uses attacchi Ddos (Denial of Service) which occurs through a coordinated offensive of tens of thousands of attempts to access sites simultaneously, bringing down their servers.

These are not particularly sophisticated attacks. But they create inconvenience to end users – who nevertheless they usually do not risk data compromise. We will keep you updated if further information emerges.

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