The leaks confirm: Dynamic Island for all iPhone 15

Il display dell'iPhone 15 Pro Max potrebbe essere più luminoso che mai thumbnail

The new leaks on iPhone 15 pertain to the set of front glass which will cover the smartphone displays, confirming the arrival of Dynamic Island across the board. Indeed, it seems that the Apple will make the screens even more immersive, which will be those with the best body / screen ratio ever.

iPhone 15, the front glasses confirm the arrival of Dynamic Island

Il leaker hardware ShrimpApplePro shows three glass panels, which meet the expectations gained after the first leaks. The picture posted here shows iPhone 15 Pro on the left, with thinner bezels compared to the 2022 version.

The central panel looks like that of the iPhone 15 Pro Max, while on the right there is a panel with wider frames, which should be the iPhone 15 in the standard version. But even this model abandons the notch for an oval cut that will allow you to have the Dynamic Island across the board.

Credit: ShrimpApplePro

According to what emerges, the source of ShrimpApplePro would have published a video with these frames on Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok. This suggests that it comes from one of the fapple chinese suppliers, which assembles its devices in China.

There are no official sources confirming that these glasses will really cover the new iPhones, which are not yet in mass production. However, this information coincide with what has emerged in recent weeks.

For official confirmations we will have to wait for September 2023. But it seems that Appla is finally getting rid of the notch across the board, leaving more screen to iOS users.

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