Sabina Guzzanti: guest at the Trieste Science + Fiction Festival 2021

S abina Guzzanti guest at the Trieste Science + Fiction Festival to present her debut novel between irony and distortion

Sabina Guzzanti, was born in Rome, where she still lives today. She is an actress, screenwriter and director, she has almost always worked in the field of television, participating in many satirical programs, including: “Leftovers“, “Tunnel“, “Pippo Kennedy Show“, e “The mail of the heart“.

He has written, directed and performed several theatrical performances. In 2002 he directed his first feature film, called, “Bimba- A star is cloned“. In 2005 she enriches her success as a film author with “Long live Zapatero! “ To follow in 2007: “The reasons for the lobster“, In 2010 “Draquila“, In 2014”The deal and Spin Time“. And finally in 2021, “What an effort democracy is “.

After her many successes in the world of cinema, theater and television, Sabina Guzzanti makes her debut as a narrator with a novel, da 1984 a Farenheit 451, which on the one hand faces the great distorted classical literature, and on the other hand tackles themes of extraordinary modernity, namely: climate change, and dependence on technology, trying to make us reflect on these fundamental principles.

Sabina Guzzanti and the Trieste Science + Fiction Festival

Sabina Guzzanti, will be present at Trieste Science + Fiction Festival, to present his debut novel: ” 2119. The defeat of the sapiens“. To be held Sunday 31 October 2021, at 5:30 pm, at Cinema Ariston.

The story of his novel is already told in the future: it is 2119, the planet Earth is quite badly reduced, after having been subject to epidemics, environmental catastrophes and upheavals of all kinds. The survivors who survived all this are now forced to submit to an unjust but stable regime.

Society is divided by a million archbillion people and billions of ordinary people without voting rights. Some of the billionaires are ruling the Web side with the Consortium of Multinationals. The only ones to oppose are the journalists of Holly, the only information body written by humans rather than robots.

Just when the Consortium sets out to put a new algorithm on the network, capable of overcoming and eliminating free will forever, it arrives Tess, an exiled, always humiliated editor of a column for kittens. The only source of a possible salvation against the Consortium. It will join forces with the Holly computer system, and its journalists, and not only, will join migrant families, European and New Yorkers, marketing and big data engineers, shareholders, hackers, haters and even children.

All this will merge into a great war, which will bring destruction between the species that has called itself “Sapiens“.

Sabina Guzzanti and the extra news on the festival

Sabina Guzzanti, will also be present as sworn of the Asteroid Award, international recognition for the best science fiction horror film, and fantasy reserved for first, second and third works by emerging directors, grouped in the section Festival neon.

Furthermore the Science + Fiction Festival it will start Wednesday 27 October and it will end Wednesday 3 November. And only for this year the festival will be in “hybrid“, That is to say, both live and online, in three different rooms: the Politeama Rossetti, the Ariston Cinema (where we will see Sabina Guzzanti) and the SciFiClub Web Room, the streaming platform that will be broadcast by MYmovies, a site for excellence in Italy for cinematographic information.

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