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Sabrent: with the SSD Rocket 4 Plus-G a heatsink for free

Purchase a Rocket 4 Plus-G gaming SSD of any promo capacity and choose one of the free SSD coolers

Buy an SSD, you will receive a cooler for free! This is the new Sabrent promo. For those who purchase a Rocket 4 Plus-G gaming SSD of any capacity, they will be able to choose one of several complimentary SSD heatsinks.

Details on the Sabrent promo, on Rocket 4 Plus-G SSDs

For those purchasing the first DirectStorage-optimized NVMe SSD, you will be able to choose a heatsink for free to cool the unit. Alternatively, you can choose any other SSD, whether in a desktop M.2 slot or a spare PCIe slot or for your PlayStation 5! For more information on the new offer for the purchase of a new Rocket 4 Plus-G SSD from Sabrentv, or to proceed with the purchase, visit the site at the following link.

Sabrent: with the SSD Rocket 4 Plus-G a heatsink for free

A little info about the company

Sabrent is a California company famous for its SSDs and large selection of adapters. The company’s philosophy is to create products large and small to make their customers’ daily lives a little easier. Always looking to create the right product for everyone, even if that sometimes means pushing the boundaries. And most importantly, the company always stands behind their products. In Sabrent we aspire to build reliable, cutting-edge products, at a reasonable price. Offer a diversified product catalog to meet every need, regardless of niche. Always have items in stock or in your hands as soon as possible. Embracing form and function to make our aesthetic stand out from the crowd. Satisfy customers with responsive and flexible service and professional technical assistance.

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