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Tim Cook wants to launch Apple’s AR/VR headset – whether it’s ready or not

Apple is about to throw his first AR/VR headset (which it seems will be called Apple Reality Pro), con Tim Cook who wants to announce it within the year – whether it’s ready or not. In fact, although the design team needs more time, Cook and the financial staff in Cupertino want to speed things up.

Tim Cook wants to launch Apple’s AR/VR headset before it’s ready

Apple CEO, Tim Cooksupported the head of operations, Jeff Williams, in its decision to launch a first-generation mixed reality device later this year. Despite opposition from the internal design team, the Financial Times reported.

The industrial design team stated that the mixed reality devices they weren’t quite ready to launch and proposed delaying the release until a product by was developed lighter AR glasses. But that would take years of further development.

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On the other hand, the finance operations team insisted on shipping an initial version of the product in the form of a ski goggle-like visor. Especially focused on virtual reality, it will allow you to watch 3D videos, perform interactive workouts or make FaceTime calls with virtual avatars.

According to some former Apple engineers who worked on the device, Cook exercised a strong pressure to launch the product.

After the departure of the head of design, Jony Ive, in 2019, Apple’s engineering team reports directly to Williams. While under Steve Jobs’ leadership, design had driven the development of Apple products, employees have noticed that operations are increasingly taking over the process under Cook’s leadership.

The development of Apple headphones has been going on for seven years, twice the time it took to develop the first iPhone. For this, Cook thinks it is necessary to speed up the time to launch the viewer. Which Apple expects to sell only about a million units of the headset in the first year, at a price of approximately $3,000.

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