Sackboy: A Big Adventure will arrive on PC on October 27th

Sackboy: A Big Adventure arriverà su PC il 27 ottobre thumbnail

Two years after the release of Sackboy: A Big Adventure for PlayStation 5, of which the game was exclusive, Sony has announced that the title will arrive on PC on October 27th.

The confirmation comes after several speculations. Last year, in fact, a page on SteamDB referred to Project Marmalade, the original codename for A Big Adventure. These rumors grew further when the page in question was updated with an image of Sackboy.

The title is just the latest in a long line of PlayStation exclusives that have come to PC. In this sense, Sony seems to have loosened its position of exclusivity for its titles on consoles. Other PlayStation exclusives recently landed on PC include Marvel’s Spider-Man, Days Gone, God of War, and Death Stranding. The latter is even included in the Xbox Game Pass PC catalog.

What is Sackboy: A Big Adventure for console and PC

The game, developed by Sumo Sheffield, was first released in November 2020 as an exclusive for PS5 and, later, PS4. It is essentially a platform and consists of a spin-off of the LittleBigPlanet videogame, although it differs from the latter for the introduction of the 3D.