Elgato: features the Wave DX microphone

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Elgato today unveiled Wave DX, an innovative high-end XLR microphone, featuring a dynamic capsule designed in close collaboration with renowned studio LEWITT Audio

Elgatoa leading provider of hardware and software for content creators, today unveiled Wave DXan innovative high-end XLR microphone, featuring a dynamic capsule designed in close collaboration with the renowned studio LEWITT Audio. Wave DX can be used in conjunction with any amplifier or audio interface XLRfor professional-grade audio quality.

Elgato: features the Wave DX microphone

Forging your own sonic signature

Specially designed to ensure accurate vocal reproduction e prevent the stamp from being altered, Wave DX captures every single audio detail and allows content creators to shape their sonic signature through effects and equalizer like never before. The wide and flexible cardioid polar pattern, captures realistic bass and detailed treble even when used off-axis, all while removing unwanted background noise.

A fintegrated pop filter, reduces pops and hisses resulting from the production of occlusive sounds, while the hardened steel frame and perforated grille limit acoustic propagation and protect the capsule. A detachable logo can be placed on either side and positioned to be visible to the camera, while a single bespoke holder simplifies cable management.

Elgato: features the Wave DX microphone

Julian Fest statements

Julian FestSenior Vice President and General Manager Elgato, says:

After the launch of the revolutionary Wave: 3, we decided to develop a high-end dynamic microphone at an affordable price. Since it is an analog microphone, it will be possible to integrate Wave DX into any XLR configuration. However, when used with the Elgato Wave XLR interface, the new Wave DX ensures a complete broadcasting system, thanks to the Wave Link mixing software, VST audio effects and control via Stream Deck: the ideal solution to complete your system. streaming or podcasting. It is this intercompatibility that makes the Elgato ecosystem so powerful. We are excited to expand our audio product line with Wave DX.

Elgato: features the Wave DX microphone

XLR Elgato Wave

When used with the interface XLR Elgato Wave (also sold with a special bundle only on elgato.com), the Wave DX microphone integrates perfectly with the powerful Wave Link Elgato mixing softwareallowing content creators to combine their content with a broad variety of sounds, create submixes and add third-party VST effectsincluding equalization, compression or reverb.

Like all Elgato software, Wave Link is perfectly compatible with the controller Stream Deck, giving you instant, tactile feedback control over the entire audio production stream. The mixer Wave XLR it also simplifies the adjustment of Wave DX, thanks to a capacitive button to mute the sound and a multifunction control knob, while the acclaimed technology Clipguard Elgato prevents sound distortion even at the highest input levels.

Elgato: features the Wave DX microphone

20% discount on selected bundles

Investing in a new system can be complex. For this, Elgato will offer one 20% discount on selected bundles, including the entire system XLR, to get to work immediately: Wave DX, Wave XLR, Wave Mic Arm ed un cavo XLR Elgato.

Whether you are just starting out or looking for a solution to integrate, Wave DX offers everything you need to be a true sound professional and turn your system into a major broadcast studio.

Elgato: features the Wave DX microphone


Elgato Wave DX, is available through the network of authorized resellers and distributors present all over the world. The microphone has a warranty of two years, and is backed by the customer service and technical support network. For up-to-date pricing, check the Elgato website or contact your local sales or PR representatives.

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