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Safe micro-mobility: Nilox presents its directional indicators

Nilox, known for technological innovations in sports and outdoor, presents its directional indicators for safe micromobility

The theme of the safe micromobility in urban spaces it is increasingly felt and we at have already talked about it. We are now used to seeing scurrying through the streets of our cities electric scooters and bikes last generation. At the same time, the problem of road safety. To answer the problem, Nilox promptly presents its solution: innovative universal directional indicators for scooters and bicycles. The new accessory allows you to respond in advance to the regulatory provisions on safety provided for by the new 2021 Highway Code which will come into force from the summer.

Nilox and road safety

Niloxa technology brand for sport and outdoor life of Esprinet Grouphas always successfully managed to bring innovation to the world of electric mobilitywithout neglecting absolutely the safe micromobility. Specifically, Nilox focuses on its new universal product. The directional arrows are designed to offer a more complete and safe driving experience. Universal indicators are adaptable to any electric scooter, but can also be used on bicycles. The company was among the first in Italy to launch, since last October, an electric scooter model with built-in turn indicators: the Nilox M1.

Micromobility and Highway Code

The new accessory presented by the brand is designed to respond with timing and practicality to the upcoming regulatory change which will come into effect this summer. In fact, among the innovations introduced by the new Highway Code 2021 to improve road access for all citizens and to have safer urban spaces, with effect from 1 July 2022 it is envisaged for electric scooters on the market in Italy, the obligation to have appropriate luminous turn indicators.

The universal indicators

In terms of safe micromobility, Nilox fully embodies his philosophy X-Drive. All the brand’s desire to improve the standards achieved in terms of safety, applied technology and distinctive technical features to offer a superior experience.

Design and materials

The result of so much passion and dedication is a product made of polycarbonate and silicone, waterproof. The article is striking and distinguished by a compact and lightweight designwith its small size and low weightcon soli 62g for the whole pair. Practicality is no exception, in fact, a simple touch at the ends is enough to turn them on and off, without having to take your hands off the handlebar.

Technology and autonomy

Also, the turn indicators Nilox are also smart: thanks to an internal timer that turns them off automatically after 45 seconds, there is no risk of leaving them on by mistake and wasting the battery. But don’t worry, as the battery has a estimated duration is 30 hours of use. To install them, simply place them in a small incision at the ends of the handlebar tube into which to insert them and you can leave in complete safety.

Price and availability

The turn indicators of Nilox I am already available at a recommended retail price of only 24,95 €.

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