Saic Design presents the car of the future

La biposto compatta dal look futuristico proposta da Saic Design thumbnail

The new MG MAZE concept study, created by SAIC Design Advanced London, has been unveiled. It is a compact two-seater with a futuristic look for urban environments.

The new MG MAZE from SAIC Design arrives

SAIC Design proposes a new concept MG, to celebrate its third anniversary and explore a vision of the urban mobility of the future. The new MG MAZE raises the bar of the urban transport of the future, merging fun and pioneering spirit. The project makes the game one of the key components of the two-seater. This is confirmed by the model tagline itself, which reads Get out & Play. It is therefore a model that combines mobility and fun, for a daring, courageous and exciting experience.

“With MAZE we wanted to imagine what the future of a community of drivers could be like, starting from the fan base and the follow-up to MG. The transition to digital is unstoppable, so we wanted to create a concept that connects that digital reality to the physical one that gives us the real joy of driving, “he said. Carl Gotham, Advanced Design Director. “The concept is a reaction to our life in recent months, where we have been forced by restrictions and limitations on our ability to move and interact. Exploring the idea of ​​’mobile gaming’, we used MAZE as a platform for people to go out and rediscover their environment in a new way, to open up to new experiences in their city ”.

Gotham also insisted on the question of play and fun, which is the main theme of the entire project:
“The game aspect that characterizes the car reflects the desire to discover and reach new goals, through a system of reward points. Our car helps users to rediscover their city and their world, through the emotions of digital street art that interacts with structures, buildings and landmarks. “

The MG MAZE is equipped with a transparent outer shell, which emulates the most advanced video game consoles with visible components. The external surface is fluid and dynamic, with visible elements of the frame and internal architecture, which would otherwise remain hidden. The interiors have instead lightweight seats and UX / UI technology, enhancing the game aspect and providing a fun and enjoyable driving experience. Furthermore the steering is controlled not by a steering wheel but by the driver’s smartphone.