Call of Duty: Oktoberfest comes to Warzone, Cold War and Mobile

Call of Duty: l'Oktoberfest arriva su Warzone, Cold War e Mobile thumbnail

This week l’Oktoberfest arriva su Black Ops Cold War, Warzone e Call of Duty:Mobile. It’s time to put on our lederhosen, because the Oktoberfest Bundle has also arrived. Beer and lots of fun will be the protagonists in Call of Duty, with the Tracer Pack: Oktoberfest Store Bundle available now.

Call of Duty Warzone: Oktoberfest is coming

From the Operator Skin “Lederhosen”For Beck’s two-armed Blueprint with the new Tracer Fire Beer effect, this Bundle will make your next Multiplayer, Zombies, or Warzone game unique. Furthermore, for the first time in a Bundle, it will be possible to earn COD Points by completing specific challenges related to this package.

Here are the items available in the package:

  • “Lederhosen” Beck Skin
  • “Kölsh” Beer Tracer Assault Rifle Blueprint
  • “Hefeweizen” SMG Blueprint
  • “Keg Tap” Ballistic Knife
  • “Prost!” Animated Calling Card
  • “Tankard” Charm
  • “For the benefit!” emblem
  • “Happy Hour” Watch

As if that weren’t enough, Oktoberfest has also arrived in COD Mobile and is presented both in the first lucky draw of Season 8: 2nd anniversary, and in an in-game celebratory event. L’Oktoberfest Lucky Draw comes with a unique and strikingly designed legendary weapon, the R9-0 – Hopper. Additionally, as part of this event, it will be possible to win the new Operator variant Artery – Maiden of Death along with many other items.

In short, there seems to be bread for the teeth of the most assiduous players of online shooters, who will be able liven up the beginning of this autumn with a myriad of themed content. We are faced, among other things, with an excellent method to pass the time while waiting for the release of Call of Duty Vanguard, due out on November 5th.

In this regard, we remind you that the new chapter of Call of Duty has recently shown itself in a beta open to all players and that highlighted the strong points of the production.