Saints Row: a new trailer shows the open world and the missions

A new trailer for the open world of the Saints Row reboot has been released through Game Informer, showing among other things some initial missions

Saints Row reboot, announced during the Gamescom 2021 conferences, contains a world that according to Volition will fall within the canons of the series in terms of the number of activities and follies that the player will be able to undertake, despite the doubts surrounding the quality of the story. In fact, many fans are puzzled by the change of direction taken in the narrative, which presents as protagonists a group of young criminals struggling with the climb to success, in a complex and risky environment like that of illegality. In a new trailer, the city which will characterize the open world of Saints Row, where all the missions of the game will take place.

The trailer with the open world and the Saints Row missions

A few days ago the use of a wingsuit was shown, excellent for crossing the skies of San Ileso; now, through Game Informer we can see a gameplay trailer of the open world and the missions of the Saints Row reboot. The city had already been presented with a little gameplay a few months ago. In the new trailer shown by the magazine, you have access to content dating back to pre-alpha version by Saints Row Reboot, but it still gives a good introduction to what we should expect from the new Volition title.

By looking at the video, you can see the Saints who try to escape the police, causing it to skid off the road. Apart from that, players will also need to get rid of the gang members The Panthers. It is one of the three major factions that dominate the crime of San Ileso; they mostly use weapons versed for close combat, but this does not make them picky in the use of guns and explosives, in case of need. Saints Row will be released for Xbox One, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X and Series S, PC. It will be released on February 25, 2022.

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