Saints Row: Freedom never seen before in the customization gameplay video

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At the Saints Row reboot showcase, Volition and Deep Silver thoroughly demonstrated in-game customization in a new gameplay video

The fifth chapter and reboot that will open up a new path for Saints Row it is still quite far from its release window; this after Chief Creative Officer Jim Boone wanted announce a postponement of the game, scheduled for release at the end of February and which will now come at the end of this summer. According to the development study, these six months will be crucial to be able to achieve a product that can fully satisfy gamers, giving the team extra time to make improvements in the game. The Saints Row reboot will have an unprecedented dimension compared to previous titles, and for this reason there was no other choice but to take more time to create the best experience possible.

Meanwhile, on April 20, 2022, a live streaming was carried out on the channels of the publisher Deep Silver, in which a new gameplay video was published that shows in detail the customization capabilities that characterize the new Saints Row: what we have seen therefore anticipates all the madness, irreverence and ridicule which has always distinguished the series, but at a higher level than in the past.

Saints Row reboot customization gameplay

Among the novelties shown by the new gameplay video, it was possible to observe the total removal of any barrier for the players in this new episode of Saints Row: there will be no gender restrictions, allowing users to customize their videogame avatar with any type of dress, hair or accessory, without forced distinctions or insurmountable rules. We thus have the opportunity to express yourself with total freedom in the city of Santo Ileso, a locality that is also called “the strange, wild, American Southwest”. The choice of the player is placed in the foreground, and the most lively and extreme types are offered, adapting anything to your fashion style. From the end of the first missions you will unlock the ability to modify your character with different clothes, emotes and weapons, with an almost infinite number of options from the shops of the city.

Each piece that will make up your outfit can be customized, dressing the avatar “in layers” and consequently deciding which clothes and accessories to wear, also changing the color, material and appearance. As for the hair, the hair color can be changed from the roots to the tips, and even the complexion can be of any type of color, with additional details such as scars, muscles, veins, tattoos, implants, piercings and tans. Obviously, vehicles will also be editable to make sure that they respect your needs and desires: there will be more than 80 vehicles scattered around the city, including boats, cars, motorcycles, helicopters, jets, hoverboards and so on.

Last but not least, the arsenal at its disposal will be able to to be altered in almost every aspector, both as regards the color, the material, the patterns, the texture, or even the model itself, perhaps transforming one’s gun into an umbrella. The Saints Row reboot is scheduled with a release for on 23 August 2022, and will arrive on all consoles of the last and current generation, while on PC it will present itself through the Epic Game Store.

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