Sales of new smartphones are down in the first quarter of 2022

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I data provided by IDC analysts confirm a decline in smartphone sales during the first quarter of 2022. The sector records a sharp decline and only Apple, among the top 5 brands, marks a step forward, however small, for sales. Here are the details revealed by IDC today:

Smartphone sales down in the first quarter of 2022

Over the first three months of 2022 they have been sold 314 million smartphones worldwide. This is about 30 million units lower than that recorded in the first quarter of last year. The percentage drop was -8.9%.

They drive Samsung and Apple

Samsung is the leader in the smartphone market with 73 million units sold and a decrease of -1.2% compared to last year. For the Korean manufacturer, a market share of 23.4% is recorded. This is the highest market share recorded by Samsung in the first quarter of the year since 2018. Second position, in the ranking of smartphone sales, for Apple which stops at 56 million units sold with an increase of + 2.2% compared to last year. To complete the Top 5 we find Xiaomi, OPPO and vivo. The three brands are recording very negative results with a sharp decline compared to last year’s data. The other producers, excluded from the Top 5, cover 29.1% of the market.

The table below summarizes the results highlighted by report IDC:

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