Samsung, agreement with Nokia for 5G patents

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Samsung announces a new deal with Nokia by and 5G patents, which will bring the Finnish giant’s telecommunications technologies to Galaxy smartphones and more. The deal is valid from 1 January 2023renews what was stipulated in 2016.

Samsung and Nokia sign new 5G patent agreement

Samsung Electronics will pay Nokia royalties for its 5G patents, starting from 1 January 2023. This is not the first time the two companies have entered into a similar agreement for the licensing of Nokia patents. In fact, the two companies had signed something similar in 2016 and the deal expired in 2022. Therefore, the companies renewed and expanded the deal for telecommunication technologies.

Neither company has disclosed the terms of the agreement or the list of patents covered by the partnership. But we know that Nokia remains the benchmark company for 5G connectivity: in fact, it has over 20,000 patent families, of which 4,500 are considered essential for 5G. The Finnish communications giant has spent more than €130 billion on research and development since 2000.

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Jenni Hotel, President of Nokia Technologies, explains: “Samsung is a leader in the smartphone industry and we are pleased to have reached an amicable agreement with them. The agreement gives both companies the freedom to innovate and reflects the strength of Nokia’s patent portfolio, decades of investment in research and development, and contributions to cellular standards and other technologies.”

The deal will allow users to enjoy all the benefits of 5G on Samsung’s smartphones and tablets, which is expected to announce important news right on next February 1, 2023.

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