The Last of Us Part 1: game sales boom after the release of the TV series

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We can never talk enough about the boost that TV series can give to the entire multimedia sector. We have ascertained this for example with Stranger Things, capable of bringing both back into the standings Kate Bush that the Metallica, more than 25 years later. The TV series of the moment, however, is undoubtedly The Last of Us, which tells the story of the videogame franchise of the same name released in two parts for PlayStation consoles.

The Last of Us dominates the serial world and also the gaming one

A week after the release of the first episode of the series, which is available on Sky in Italy, sales of the game The Last of Us Part 1 have grown exponentially. reports that in the UK alone sales increased by 238% compared to the previous week. A boost that brought the title back to the Top 20 best-selling video games of the week.

Specifically, the sales refer to the remastered version for PlayStation 5. We recall that a few months ago the reissue of the first chapter, originally released for PlayStation 3 in 2013, came out and has now been optimized for PS5.

Guarda The Last of Us su Sky

The TV series, just like Stranger Things did for Kate Bush, also brought back the Never Let Me Down Again gods Depeche Mode, a song from the 1987 album Music For The Masses, and featured in the first episode of the TV series The Last of Us. Since the episode aired, the song has been taping a 377% increase of streams only on Spotify. According to Billboard, streams of the song tripled in the US, increasing by 220.5% overnight. Streaming ratings in the US have passed from 26,000 (on the day of the series premiere) to 83,000 the next day (January 16).