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Samsung and Black Mamba: a technological partnership for the protection of wild animals in South Africa

In conjunction with the World Animal Day, Samsung announces the expansion of the project Wildlife Watchin collaboration with Africam and the Black Mamba anti-poaching unit, to protect animals from poaching in the South African savannah.

Wildlife Watch, Samsung’s awareness project

Launched in 2021, the program uses the Samsung technology as a live “surveillance system”. to allow anyone to observe wildlife in the Balule Nature Reserve in South Africa, part of the Kruger National Park. Thanks to the virtual rangers who took part in the initiative with Samsung, the project was enormously successful in keeping one of nature’s most threatened animals, the rhino, safe.

Wildlife Watch, Samsung will use Galaxy devices for live streaming

In the recent extension of the program, Samsung will use the technology of Galaxy S21 Ultra and Galaxy S23 Ultra devices to broadcast 24/7 live streams of wild animals.

Featuring the most advanced camera system and night photography capabilities, along with a 200MP Adaptive Pixel sensor and a 10x optical zoom telephoto lens, Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra smartphones will shoot live video day and night.

Furthermore, the devices will support rangers by improving the quality of images sent to headquarters for poaching investigations and, thanks to the resistant materials of which they are made, they will be able to better maintain themselves in the bush when the rangers use them during patrol duty. Galaxy S23 Ultra, in fact, is water and dust resistant with IP68 rating.

The impact of the new will also be tested Galaxy SmartTag 2 on improving ranger safety and coordinating conservation efforts in the savannah. Using SmartThings Find, Black Mamba headquarters will track the location of group members on the reservation.

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The collaboration with the anti-poaching organization The Black Mambas

To ensure that locals understand the importance of wildlife conservation from an early age, Samsung partnered with The Black Mambas to create “The Samsung Bush Babies Animal Insights”, an educational program for young people from local communities that highlights the importance of wildlife diversity, conservation and protecting the reserve for generations to come. The Freestyle projector will offer optimal viewing in a compact, portable device, allowing the Black Mambas to illustrate the Bush Babies Animals Insights initiative wherever they are.

The initiative to become virtual rangers

This year users are invited to take part in the initiative and become virtual rangers, helping to protect endangered animals from poaching, monitoring them in real time in their natural habitat and admiring these spectacular specimens live from your own home.

By becoming a virtual ranger and participating in the surveillance program on the dedicated site, you can alert the rangers if you notice endangered animals or signs of poaching by clicking at the bottom of the live stream page, share photos on social media to encourage others to participate and donate to the drive antibracconaggio Black Mamba. Thanks to the different views of the cameras, the shots are always different, and users will have the opportunity to observe elephants, lions and even giraffes in the wild wherever they are.

Virtual rangers who want to learn more about signs of poaching activity can follow thel Black Mambas Boot Camp. This six-part series gives rangers tips on the signs and noises to look out for during surveillance and explains the important work they do during their patrols.

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