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The Elder Scrolls: is live-action coming? There are good possibilities

The Elder Scrolls is a video game saga that has become a cult, a live-action so it seems more than plausible that it will be made

The Elder Scrolls saga is old, all players, even casual ones, have at least heard of the franchise, the latest chapter of which is best known as Skyrim. After all these videogame adaptations that have occurred in recent times a notable success in TV series format (just think of The Last Of Us), it wouldn’t surprise us if The Elder Scrolls were also adapted for the small screen, or even for cinema. The creative director of The Elder Scrolls Online is talking about it, Rich Lambert.

The Elder Scrolls: live-action could arrive sooner than expected

According to a report by Dexerto, the creative director of TES Online in fact he would have confessed that the idea of ​​making Bethesda’s greatest IP a television or film adaptation is absolutely an idea to be taken highly into consideration. At the moment, Lambert reported that there is no live-action adaptation project in the works at the moment, but that both he and Bethesda are open to the idea of ​​seeing The Elder Scrolls in a Tv series with actors to play their characters, or even an animated series.

It would be really cool if we could do that, although I have no idea how to do it.

Lambert is not new to the Elder Scrolls saga, for which he has worked for more than 20 years, much less so to fantasy. In fact, he believes that the videogame saga has traced a beautiful line between the classic fantasy and something new that has never been seen in literary or cinematographic sagas. So let The Elder Scrolls also join the club of TV series that serve as high-quality adaptations for high-quality video games It doesn’t seem like an impossible hypothesis at all.

Don’t forget that among the next adaptations we will also find Horizon Zero Dawn su Netflix e God Of War su Amazon Prime Videoand on this latest project there will also be the creative director Cory Barlog to oversee the project, which should ride the wave of The Last Of Us, reaching the same quality. Continue to follow us on to stay updated on any news on the possible adaptation of The Elder Scrolls.

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