Samsung and Google launch a combined advertising campaign

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Samsung and Google continue to cooperate, strengthening a partnership that has been going on for some time. The Korean company is the first manufacturer of Android smartphones and, therefore, its relationship with Google is, inevitably, very close. To highlight the ongoing partnership, Google and Samsung have launched a new advertising campaign in collaboration. Here are all the related details from this particular collaboration between the two leading companies in the telephony market:

Samsung and Google renew their partnership with an advertising campaign

The advertising campaign carried out by Samsung and Google can count on a entire website in which Samsung’s smartphones are advertised, such as the top of the range S22 and the foldable Z Fold3 and their ability to use Google services.

It is a new system to promote the hardware and software combination of the two companies. In the course of the near future, without a doubt, Google will continue to fully support the smartphones of the Korean house. At the same time, Samsung will make the most of the services of Android and the various applications of the American house.

The partnership between the two companies is destined to move forward and become ever closer and more complete. We will see what will be the next steps of this particular collaboration on which much of the success of the Android world rests.

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