Samsung e l'artista Michael Murphy insieme per un'installazione con Neo QLED thumbnail

Samsung and Michael Murphy together for an installation with Neo QLED

Samsung Electronics hosted an immersive artistic experience at the Saatchi Gallery in London, with the participation of theperceptive artist Michael Murphy. The result was a spiral installation, created using eleven Neo QLED TVs, characterized by the innovative Infinity Screen.

A magical setting for an equally magical moment that “dragged” the audience in the room into the performance of the electronic music duo Gorgon City, who meanwhile connected from the splendid Croatian location of the Skywalk Biokovo. Cercle, the producers of the experience, filmed the emblematic performance to present the unreleased track by Gorgon City, “Skywalk”, which takes its name from the iconic location reproduced on the screens of Samsung’s Neo QLED 8K with surprisingly realistic images.

Samsung and Michael Murphy: evolutions, connections and innovation

The immersive experience represents a new stage for Samsung in celebrating the ever-evolving marriage of art and technology, thanks to the visionary mind of Michael Murphy.

From Murphy’s spiral installation, which rose nearly four meters in a darkened environment, the audience was teleported into the exclusive Gorgon City performance, while Cercle’s wide shots and cinematography showcased the Park’s striking landscapes. Natural from Biokovo on the rocky coast in southern Croatia, all through the all-encompassing lens of the Neo QLED 8K Infinity Screen, which eliminates the traditional frame making these TVs “99.9% screen”. As the Gorgon City dj-set took shape on the astonishing and complex glass walkway of the Skywalk, Murphy’s typical perceptual deception was revealed to show all the TVs working in unison, in a spiral-shaped composition designed to manipulate the human eye.

The statements of the protagonists

Michael Murphy stated: “I am so proud of this installation. To think that this is the first time ever that I insert moving images into my art, the challenge faced to integrate them not in one, but in eleven screens, surprises me. Sure, the Neo QLED’s stunning cinematography and breathtaking picture quality made it easy for me, not to mention that they are the thinnest screens ever made by Samsung. But what excites me most is how the installation stimulated me to push my art to the next level. That’s why I’m so happy to be part of this collaboration with Samsung – we both want people to see the world in a new light. I do it using some amazing perceptive tricks, while Samsung with its amazing screens ”.

“Samsung has always tried to push boundaries and there is no greater limit to overcome than the experience of a new and fresh perspective,” he explains. Nathan Sheffield, Head of Visual Display di Samsung. “That’s why we wanted to collaborate with Michael, because his work has always transcended the boundaries between art and perception. Cercle has done the same with music, cinema and culture. Samsung intends to show consumers how expressive, inspiring and colorful the world can be. With Michael, Cercle and the extraordinary visual power of Neo QLED, we have taken a big step towards our goal ”.

“Simply amazing,” he commented Derek Barbolla, CEO of Cercle. “We shot beautiful scenes all over the world and knew the Skywalk video with Gorgon City would be no exception. However, none of the performances we’ve filmed so far have felt this realistic on screen. But then, combined with Michael Murphy’s perceptive art, it all reaches a whole new level. It is an obvious fact: when music, cinema, art and the best televisions in the world are intertwined, it is possible to create something truly special ”.

Matt Robson-Scott dei Gorgon City added: “It has been an honor to work with Samsung and the Cercle team. Shooting in such an epic location was truly a fantastic experience and we think the scenery and song go together perfectly. This installation has left us speechless and we hope that everyone loves this video as much as we did ”.

The new Samsung’s QN900A represents the spearhead of the 2021 range and offers a fascinating visual experience, with lifelike images, vivid colors and anti-reflective technology in the comfort of your own home. With this super enhanced visual technology, only available on Neo QLED 8K TVs, you can truly experience new perspectives.

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