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Samsung and Microsoft: partnership in sight for augmented reality?

Samsung e Microsoft they may have started working on an augmented reality project called the HoloLens Project, in direct continuity with HoloLens 2, the latest augmented reality viewer baked by the Redmond giant. The project should have started this summer and should last until 2023, the year of expiry of this collaboration between the two giants of technology.

Are Samsung and Microsoft working together for a new augmented reality headset?

The source that spread the news is The Elec, a portal that has already found some in the past rumor which turned out to be reliable. According to insiders, Samsung would have formed a team dedicated to augmented reality last March, and then start the project in partnership with Microsoft during the summer months. Other minor entities should also be involved in the collaboration contract.

In particular, the American company should assume a central value for the collaboration DigiLens, in which Samsung has already invested heavily. It is no coincidence that this company has developed the technology Waveguide for AR devices, which allows you to carefully superimpose virtual images on real environments.

It is realistic to imagine that this technology will be the basis for the new alleged child device of the collaboration between the two giants. The final goal, according to what we read on the pages of The Elec, would be the creation of a revolutionary device in terms of the technology used and that it is also lighter and easier to handle than its main competitors on the market.

Samsung will most likely find itself at the head of the device’s hardware sector, since the Waveguide technology is already owned by it. In short, it seems that both companies are returning to focus on the AR sector, which had recently been partially sidelined.

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