Samsung BESPOKE Jet: design unico e Clean Station integrata thumbnail

Samsung BESPOKE Jet: design unico e Clean Station integrata

Samsung’s BESPOKE family is expanding again. And it does it with BESPOKE Jet, a new cordless electric broom that amazes with an absolutely unique design. The charging base also integrates the Clean Station, a device that empties the tank in total autonomy, thus eliminating the dispersion of dust and impurities in the air.
Great attention is also paid to colors, with three trendy options: Midnight Blue, Misty White e Woody Green.

Samsung BESPOKE Jet evento 1

In short, Samsung winks at fashion. To testify is also the Italian launch event of the product, with the electronics giant that has selected two young emerging designers and a brand of
sustainable fashion,
giving them the opportunity to bring to the catwalk a selection of their most innovative outfits, each inspired by one of the three distinctive finishes of BESPOKE Jet, which on the catwalk has become an exceptional accessory.
To sign the projects were Rebecca Lorenzini, model maker and fashion designer graduated in
Fashion Design al NABA, Ethiclo, Italian sustainable fashion brand that debuted in 2018, e Jacopo Cazzoli with its brand J[CODE] which offers genderless streetwear clothing.
On the catwalk Rebecca Lorenzini brought a selection of garments taken from her latest collection and united by the “Blue Elegance” theme, while Eticlò took inspiration from the green nuance of BESPOKE Jet interpreting the “Ethical Green” theme. Finally Jacopo Cazzoli, with his oversized organic cotton garments, materials of
waste and recycling, has focused on “Contemporary White”, which is linked to the lighter shade of Samsung’s electric broom.

Shooting Samsung Bespoke Jet outfit Rebecca LorenziOutfit created by Rebecca Lorenzini

Samsung BESPOKE Jet: the characteristics

But aside from the wow effect guaranteed by the well-finished design, what does Samsung BESPOKE Jet offer? Actually a ton of cool features.
First of all we have a 5-level filtering system that retains up to 99.999% of dust and allergens. Components and filters are washable and can be cleaned and sanitized at any time.

We then la Clean Station integrata then, once the suction phase is over, just put the BESPOKE Jet back on its stand and let the Clean Station empty the tank using Samsung’s AirPulse technology. This allows you to avoid direct contact with dust, giving you only the burden of emptying the Clean Station bag once it is full.

The Korean giant, however, has not only thought about simplifying the refilling and emptying operations. That’s why we have on board a 210 W Digital Inverter motor that no, it does not weigh down the electric broom. In reality the motor weighs less than the one on the Jet 90, and brings the total weight of this appliance to 1,44 kg. A value that favors more handling of BESPOKE Jet, so that it can also be easily used to clean over furniture.

We also have available a digital LCD displaywhich provides all the necessary information, from the level of suction power to indications on any critical issues such as objects stuck in the brush or missing filters.

Samsung Bespoke Jet prezzo

And autonomy? There are two batteries supplied which allow you to use the Samsung cordless mop for 2 ore. The battery change was then perfected, so as to be quick and painless. Furthermore, the Asian company guarantees excellent performance even in the long term, with the batteries that maintain 70% of the original performance even after 5 years of use.

Included in the package we also find a new model of scrubbing brush, which allows you to wash or polish hard surfaces. You can also choose whether to use the microfiber cloths combined with the spray function, with the water being sprayed from the front of the brush, or the humidified and scented disposable cloths for faster cleaning.

Samsung Bespoke Jet cordless electric broom

“We know that cleanliness and hygiene have become a primary need for consumers, along with
desire for solutions tailored to your lifestyle; for this we have created a
product that combines extraordinary cleaning performance with an elegant, ultra-light and
ergonomic – he declared Daniele Grassi, Vice President Home Appliances Samsung Electronics
Italy. – Samsung BESPOKE Jet not only guarantees flawless floors by avoiding dispersion
of impurities in the air, but with its unique design it is able to enrich any room in the house. “

Samsung BESPOKE Jet will be available in Italy starting from 1 Aprilbut you can pre-order it right now on the company’s official website.

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