Trenitalia, Russian hackers behind this morning’s attack

L'attacco a Trenitalia sarebbe riconducibile a hacker russi thumbnail

The hacker attack that hit this morning Trenitaliablocking the ticket offices of the State Railwayswould be attributable to Russian cybercriminals. The modality of the cyber attack would be the signature of some groups linked to Moscow.

Attack on Trenitalia, our railways attacked by Russian hackers

According to ANSA, which cites sources in the context of the Italian securitytoday’s attack would be the responsibility of cybercriminals in Kremlin orbit. The type of attack and the way the hackers carried it out make us think of the Moscow trail.

In fact, according to the first reconstructions, the systems for printing tickets in the Ferrovie dello Stato stations would be riconducibile a un ransomware. One of the system administrators or managers would be targeted to gain access to the network, and then block the assets with malware.

Already this morning, Ferrovie had made it known that “elements have been found that could lead to phenomena linked to an infection with CryptoLocker“. He said that he had made many well-informed Kremlin hackers think, especially after that Moscow has declared hostility towards our country because of aid to Ukraine after the Russian invasion.

The modality of intrusion into the Trenitalia system has yet to be verified. The company’s IT technicians and the Postal Police will collaborate to understand the responsibility. This morning Trenitalia had explained the impossibility of buying tickets in the stations. However, all users could purchase the tickets online. And also directly from the conductorwithout surcharge.

This morning Trenitalia assured that: “the recorded dysfunctions do not impact on rail traffic than proceeds regularly“. In the next few hours and days we will understand better what happened. But experts already fear a worsening of the cyber war. We will keep you updated in case any news arrives.

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