Samsung brings TVs into the future: from NFTs to gaming

Samsung porta le TV nel futuro: dagli NFT al gaming thumbnail

Al CES 2022 Samsung returns to amaze with a series of really interesting technological innovations for smart TV: come on NFT al gaming cloud, a real leap into the future. The hardware upgrades and the many new software features make the offer presented in Las Vegas really interesting. With the new product line MicroLED, a remote controller which recharges via WiFi and a redesigned operating system.

Samsung and the future of TVs: from NFTs to gaming, up to MicroLEDs

Lots of technological innovations presented by the Korean company at CES 2022, especially in the software field. Indeed the operating system Tizen YOU took a place of honor in Las Vegas, with a complete and really cool redesign. First of all thanks to Media Screen, which puts “all streaming content in one postor simple to navigate “. Something similar to the Google TV and Apple TV apps, which makes it easy to find the movie or series you absolutely want to see.

But that’s not the only software news coming. There is also the function Watch Together, which allows you to “view streaming content with friends and family” even from a distance. In addition, there is the possibility of using a webcam or a smartphone to be able to make a video chat while watching your favorite series together, even from miles away.

The blockchain for watching your NFTs on television

Another upcoming feature concerns the use of Non-fungible Tokens. “With the demand for NFT on the rise, the need for solutions to look and buy in today’s fragmented landscape has never been greater.” For this Samsung introduces the “first search engine and aggregator of marketplace for NFT based on a TV screen. A revolutionary platform that allows you to browse, buy and show your favorite art, all in one place ”.

In addition, a feature will allow you to show art in blockchain with the settings chosen by the creator of the NFT. And with the ability to buy TVs that become digital paintings like The Frame e The Wall, digital art takes a real giant step at CES 2022.

Cloud gaming debuts on Samsung TVs at CES 2022

samsung tv ces 2022 cloud gaming

In addition to the novelties to show series and movies, there is also a new way to enjoy streaming games. Indeed in the new Samsung Gaming Hub presented at CES 2022 you can find the best titles of GeForce Now, Stadia e Utomik on your TV.

The system will allow you to connect several controller, including those for PS5 e Xbox Series X. The hub will also include YouTube Gaming for gameplay streaming and esports matches. However, at least for the moment, there will be no PlayStation Now and Xbox Game Pass.

New smart TVs in MicroLED without frames and Mini LEDs announced by Samsung at CES 2022

In addition to the many software innovations, there are important upgrades from the hardware point of view. The displays MicroLED, presented a few years ago, now come without frames. But there are still products designed for the ‘very high’ range. In fact, they start from 89 inches, and then get to 99, 110 e even 178 inches.

Technology allows you to have a contrast spectacular as in OLEDs, but without some of the problems of technology (such as the risk of ‘burning’ the display with static images). But at least for 2022, they will remain for a very small audience in number.

Also, new TVs arrive Mini LED in 8K e 4K, as part of the Neo QLED line. Compared to last year, where Samsung had presented really good models for contrast and in-game performance, there are several improvements. Brightness changes from 12-bit to 14-bit (14-bit HDR Mapping), with greater accuracy also thanks to artificial intelligence. However, Dolby Vision is still missing.

Some TVs of the new line will also have the refresh rate that goes up to 144Hz with support a AMD FreeSync Premium Pro. Also comes HDMI 2.1 and 4K 120Hz support, which should please gamers who prefer to use a TV as a gaming monitor.

Finally, audio news. Top-of-the-range models will have Active Voice Amplifier e Object Tracking Sound, using artificial intelligence to make the sound of movies more realistic. With new soundbars on the way, this should ensure truly cinematic performance.

A remote control that charges itself

samsung remote control-min

As a final treat, Samsung has presented a remote control that does not need any spare batteries. And not only because it maintains the novelty of last year, namely charging via solar panel. This year Eco Remote in fact, it also has the possibility of exploiting the radio waves to recharge. So you just need to have the WiFi turned on to take advantage of the charging option RF.

If needed, you can still recharge it via USBC. However, this could save up to 99 million discarded AAA batteries over the next seven years, according to Samsung. And in the future, he wants to bring smart remotes that recharge with kinetic motion when you lift and move the remote and more.

In short, this year at CES 2022 Samsung he wanted to introduce technologies that bring TVs into the future, starting right away. And while some of these innovations will remain beyond the reach of most users, they mark an interesting change of pace. What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments.

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