Lenovo expands the CO2 Offset Service program

Lenovo amplia il programma CO2 Offset Service thumbnail

One year after the introduction of the new program carbon offsetting for professional PCs in the Think range, Lenovo has announced the expansion of the CO2 Offset Service to its consumer PC portfolio.

CO2 Offset Service: Lenovo expands the program

Lenovo was one of the first PC manufacturers to have introduced this carbon offsetting service in the IT sector. By developing the program, Lenovo wanted to offer customers a solution that would help them help them achieve their goals of environmental sustainability.

However, this is only part of the company’s broader Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) strategy and policy. Aware of the impact the company’s stock has on the life of the planet, Lenovo has adopted concrete measures to support the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere. Andrej Durationnovic, Executive Director, International Consumer Services, Solutions & Services Group, ha affermato:

Having established science-based corporate emission reduction targets, at Lenovo we understand the importance of everyone making a global effort to tackle climate change. The introduction of the CO2 Offset Service program has always been aimed at enabling our customers to continue their commitment to sustainability. Today we are proud to be able to extend this support to our private customers as well as to companies. This is another aspect of our bold transformation into a solution and service provider.


The CO2 Offset Service program is available on all PCs in the Think range from Lenovo. From this month, it will also be extended to PCs Lenovo Legion e Lenovo Yoga purchased through the site.

The service will initially be available in English-speaking markets globally starting in January with an expected launch in other markets in other languages ​​in the course of 2022. The price and the availability for the Italian market will be communicated later.