La nuova linea Neo QLED, MICRO LED e OLED di Samsung svelata al CES 2023: prestazioni superiori e connettività sicura thumbnail

Samsung CES 2023: the news between new OLEDs and much more

Las Vegas – On the occasion of CES 2023the consumer electronics show in Las Vegas, Samsung unveiled the new line of Neo QLED, MICRO LED and Samsung OLED TVs and Monitors. Not only that, but also new Lifestyle products and accessories. The number of Samsung products continues to grow and this year they take another step towards making consumers’ lives easier by taking full advantage of the company’s ecosystem.

Novità Samsung Neo QLED at CES 2023

samsung ces 2023 qled

Among the main innovations from Samsung announced at CES 2023, we find the new range of Samsung Neo QLED 8K and 4K TVs which boasts premium options that can be customized for every need. The very advanced Neural Quantum Processor offers an excellent quality yield while Quantum Mini LED gives the TV 14-bit processing. Added to this is the technology of AI upscaling which supports functions such as Shape Adaptive Light Control e Real Depth Enhancer Pro.

Thanks to the high resolution panel and the proprietary algorithm that powers the new Auto HDR Remastering Neo QLEDs go beyond simple image sharpness. This automatic remastering system uses artificial intelligence (AI) deep learning to analyze each scene and apply High Dynamic Range (HDR) effects in real time to Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) content, making it more vivid, brilliant and therefore absolutely immersive.

News also from the point of view of connectivity inherent above all to the devices Zigbee e Thread. In fact, from 2023, the SmartThings One-Chip module for Zigbee and Matter Thread will be integrated directly into the Samsung range. In addition, the Samsung ecosystem app will automatically sync devices, making it easier to manage not only Samsung products, but also third-party home appliances and IoT devices.

Among the new features we find:

  • Chat Together: users will be able to easily access a group live chat to exchange opinions and to comment in real time on the content they are watching
  • ConnecTime: now you can transfer video calls from devices connected to the TV for when you want to move to another room and continue the call on a different screen
  • 3D Map View: Samsung’s handy 3D view allows you to manage and monitor connected devices thanks to a house floor plan that shows an overview of all SmartThings devices


The MICRO LED 2023 range is enriched with new models between 50” and 140″, expanding the range of offers for consumers and offering unprecedented image quality and video experience. The modularity of MICRO LED detaches these products from aspects such as shape, size and aspect ratio, and makes them fully customizable. The new Samsung OLED line up is equipped with Quantum Dot technology developed specifically for Samsung Neo QLEDs, and with the Neural Quantum Processor, which allow you to maintain the specific characteristics of OLED technology, but overcome its limits in terms of brightness and color rendering .

The range boasts a 144Hz refresh rate and all of Samsung’s smart features, including the Gaming Hub.

What’s new in the Samsung Gaming Hub

In this regard, we remind you that Samsung Gaming Hub is the new temple of gaming on Samsung Smart TV and provides users with unlimited access to thousands of games. The titles are made available by the company’s partners such as Xbox, NVIDIA GeForce Now, Amazon Luna e Utomik and can be played without downloading them and therefore without worrying about space problems or having a high-performance console thanks to the possibilities of Cloud Gaming.

The 2023 updates of GameBar 3.0 include items such as the MiniMap Sharing (available in the first half of 2023) which allows you to view the map of the current game on any screen, and the Virtual Aim Point which highlights the crosshair for shooting games. Both elevate the gaming experience of every gamer.

Samsung Gaming Hub is also available on Samsung smart monitors and gaming screens, including the Odyssey series.

Samsung Lifestyle

With the new year there are also new products and lifestyle features that, once again, aim to improve the experience of individual users. Among these we find:

  • The Premiere 8K: in 2023 Samsung will introduce a new model of the laser projector The Premiere, which becomes 8K. The ultra-short throw projector will be available in 8K version, for even higher resolution on larger screens up to 150”
  • The Freestyle con Smart EDGE Blending: the last frontier of flexibility! In fact, The Freestyle allows you to watch your favorite content anywhere, and in 2023 it will be enriched with the new Smart EDGE Blending function, thanks to which you can use two projectors at the same time to reproduce content in 21:9 without aligning or adjusting anything. The 2023 model of The Freestyle will also support Samsung Gaming Hub, to always have entertainment at your fingertips
  • New accessories and user interface: news also for the Art Store which will be enriched with new functions such as the instant preview and an expanded content offer. Also new is the option of choosing a metal frame, which gives The Frame a modern and elegant look

Samsung and environmental sustainability at CES 2023

In line with the new environmental strategy announced in 2022, Samsung continues to carry out collaborations with partners and customers with an eye to the environment, paying attention to the entire product life cycle and focusing on various actions such as:

  • Recycled materials: in the 2023 line-up Samsung will replace 20% of the components of the body of its SolarCell Remote with parts made of plastic recovered from the oceans. In addition, the main components of the power boards will contain recycled copper and aluminum from recycled cans, saving about 12% of the original materials
  • Low impact production: Samsung designed a lightweight injection mold that requires less material, with a structure that can be converted and reused, decreasing total energy consumption and raw materials used in production
  • AI Energy Saving Mode: thanks to SmartThings, from 2023 Samsung TVs will support the AI ​​Energy Saving mode, which will suggest new ways for users to reduce energy consumption. The SmartThings Energy feature on TVs makes it easy to reduce your carbon footprint. Furthermore, with 3D Map View, it will be easier to obtain a general overview of connected devices and translate ideas to consume less into concrete actions
  • Packaging ecologico: in 2023 Samsung’s eco-packaging will further reduce prints, to limit the use of ink, and the adhesive tape will be made of paper, in order to limit the use of plastic. The size of the boxes will also be smaller, with an overall reduction in carbon emissions

Space all’IA

A premium video experience wouldn’t be complete without incredibly immersive audio, and Samsung has thought of that too! In addition to impressive built-in speakers, Samsung TVs offer powerful audio features and devices that enhance the viewing experience, including:

  • Sound Remastering with Artificial Intelligence (AI): in 2023, Samsung’s top-of-the-range TVs and soundbars will offer Sound Remastering, which uses AI to remaster each sound object so that voices are always clear, ambient sounds perfectly enveloping and each element at the perfect volume.
  • New soundbars: in addition to the top-of-the-line soundbar HW-Q990Cwith 11.1.4 channel sound that supports Dolby Atmos, confirms the HW-S800B, ultra-slim and with all the immersive power of Dolby Atmos, packing 3.1.2 channels in just 40mm high and 38mm deep. It pairs easily with any TV and delivers clear audio with punchy bass.
  • Q-Symphony: the Q-Symphony function in 2023 represents the latest iteration of the harmony between TV and soundbar, and will offer an extreme evolution of sound by using the TV’s neural processing unit to analyze audio signals and process each sound, returning a wealth of details never experienced before.
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