The 5 Most Amazing Tech Gadgets at CES 2023 in Las Vegas

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LAS VEGAS – The CES 2023 in Las Vegas finally opened its doors, and it did it big: al CES Unveiled we’ve seen a world of exciting products and truly unique gadgets. Because technology sometimes really manages to surprise us, as in these 5 incredible tech products which we found at the Mandala Bay Hotel in Las Vegas.

The 5 Most Amazing Tech Gadgets at CES 2023 in Las Vegas

The CES Unveiled event officially appreciates the las vegas technology fair, although as you have been able to read on our pages and see on our social channels there have already been many announcements. To the Mandala Bay Hotel however, many exhibitors and manufacturers present their very latest novelties, among which there are also very special gadgets.

From punching bags to smart telescopeseverything improves with technology: here are the products that most impressed us in this edition of CES Unveiled.

I-Percut, a smart punching bag

Do you have the passion of boxing? Any form of boxing can become smart with the I-Percuta solution that allows you to train using intelligent sensors to improve your punches and kicks.

i percut ces 2023 gadget tech interessanti

It is a punching bag sleeve that has red circles in all the most important places to train your punches (even kickboxing or thai boxing). In these circles are indicator lights that tell you when to strike to train your dexterity. But also sensors that detect the number of hits, the speed of exchanges, the accuracy of punches and kicks. A real analysis of your bag training.

Top 5 Gadgets at CES 2023: BHeart Band

Your smart watch collects some essential metrics for your health, such as the number of steps you take, your heart rate and much more. But you have to recharge them, more or less often. And then the style of a traditional clock face is priceless. Heartthe new solution of baracodahas the idea to solve the problem: move the technology to the strap and use the recharge of the sun and your body heat.

bheart smart bracelet

You can combine this watch with any “classic” clock face (the hook is for 18 or 20mm straps). The motion and health sensors collect data that you can see directly on the smartphone app, both Android and iOS. And the sun or the warmth of your skin after a brisk jog or walk will always keep this smart strap charged.

Ohm’s Quest, the tabletop escape room

An escape room that you can hold in the palm of your hand, a technological game that doesn’t need a screen. Ohm’s Quest it looks like a small cube, with a truly steampunk style. But at CES Unveiled 2023 the team of this project explains why it is one of the most interesting (and nerdy) gadgets of the exhibition.

chocolate chip cookies company ces 2023 gadget tech

A voice from the speakers guides you through a steampunk adventure that involves solving puzzles using the physical buttons and controls found in Ohm’s Quest. Each adventure takes an hour and requires all your wits, just like a quality escape room. I’m already there nine adventures available and many more to come.

Top 5 Coolest Gadgets at CES 2023: Custom, 3D Printed Skin Vitamins

At CES 2023 there are not only truly unique gadgets, but also services that exploit technology for smart solutions. This is the case of the collaboration between Nourished e Neutrogenawho offer a service that combines artificial intelligence and 3D printing.


Using the Neutrogena app you can in fact analyze the your skin via your smartphone camera. The app determines which vitamins you need most for your personalized skin care. And then send the customized “recipe” for you that Nourished 3D prints. You can even choose which flavor you prefer: a nutritional supplement made especially for your skin.

Unistellar lets you explore the universe with your smartphone

Unistellar presented at CES 2023 the perfect gadget for those of us who love space exploration: the second generation of its smart telescope eVscope eQuinox. The French company’s new product is the least expensive and the smartest. With the smartphone it takes you to explore both our Moon and the most distant galaxies.

unistellar ces 2023 gadget tech

Artificial intelligence allows you to use your smartphone to point at the celestial body you want to see up close. And moreover, it removes light pollution which is the worst enemy of those who love the stars: the Unistellar team assures us that we will be able look at the starry sky even from a balcony in Milan! Those who have a passion for space have found a new and intelligent ally.

A world of interesting gadgets at CES 2023 Unveiled

These are the five gadgets that most surprised us at CES Unveiled, which unveils some of the most interesting novelties of this 2023 edition of the exhibition. But there are many other products that have impressed us.

Come I’m Repro, the first device to take care of your scalp with ultrasound. Or earphones from Airvida T1 & E1 by ible, which are true wireless headphones which, in addition to letting us listen to music, purify the air in front of the nose and mouth. And again the smart collar for dogs by Invoxia and the intelligent Motion Pillow, which inflates if you snore and moves your face so you can breathe easier. Or the new one Withings U-Scana sensor to be inserted in your toilet to analyze urine in a simple and smart way.

In this intense first day of CES 2023 we saw really interesting gadgets. But there are tons of new technologies that we will be exploring in the coming days: we will keep you updated.