Samsung cuts smartphone sales estimates for 2022

Samsung prevede di vendere meno smartphone nel 2022 thumbnail

The chip crisis and the effects of the war in Ukraine compel Samsung a revise downward the sales estimates of its smartphones for 2022. The early cut from the first rumors would be significant. In fact, Samsung plans to sell 30 million fewer smartphones in 2022 than initial estimates.

Samsung cuts sales estimates for its smartphones

2022 began with an ambitious goal for Samsung that aimed to see 310 million smartphones. The new target it is significantly lower. The company now aims to sell 280 million smartphones during the year. The cut in estimates is linked to production problems but also to the increase in the costs of raw materials and transport. The effects of the war in Ukraine also affect the smartphone market. Then there is the tendency of consumers to weigh their purchases more carefully in this period of uncertainty. It will be necessary to wait for the next few months to get a clearer idea of ​​what the Korean house’s real smartphone sales results will be for 2022.

Does Apple Review Plans?

Note that Apple may also have revised its growth plans. The Cupertino house, in fact, may have chosen to keep the same iPhone production for 2022 (thus remaining on 220 million units). The downsizing, again, is significant. Bloomberg analysts, in fact, predicted at least 240 million smartphones sold for Apple.