Samsung designs a foldable smartphone to wear on the wrist

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After having talked about himself for the issue of the patent for a dual-screen smartphone, Samsung he had the courage to even issue a patent for a foldable quadruple display. And so, while current folding are limited to double folding mechanisms – horizontal on Fold and vertical on Flip -, the patent shows a quadruple folding mechanism. at 180 degrees. So let’s find out more about Samsung’s foldable future.

Credits: 91Mobiles

Samsung: a foldable to wear is in the company’s projects

In the past, Samsung has patented a triple folding mechanism for its displays, even if we have never yet seen it supplied on a smartphone. As far as we know, this technology uses a flexible screen, which can be extended or rolled up as and when needed. From what can be seen in the images of the patent, indeed, the panel can be folded at right anglesforming a curved screen. Another image, on the other hand, shows that the screen can be folded 180 degrees, providing a semicircular viewing area for use. Indeed, according to what can be seen in the patent, the panel is so modular that it can be worn on the wrist.

Credits: 91Mobiles

Samsung plans to achieve this versatility via a controller, foldable sensor unit, and foldable display. The foldable sensor includes a proximity sensor, a touch sensor, a piezoelectric sensor and a pressure sensor. And although the patent hasn’t made it clear how this mechanism works, it reports that when the foldable display is folded it doesn’t lose its viewing properties thanks to the sensor. At a later time, the controller will communicate with the display and foldable sensors to register the user’s touch in the four regions of the display. Since this is a patent filing, however, we do not know when – or if – this mechanism will reach production. We, for our part, hope so.

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