At IFA 2022 TCL thinks big: from 98-inch TVs to household appliances

A IFA 2022 TCL pensa in grande: dal TV da 98 pollici agli elettrodomestici thumbnail

BERLIN – TCL Electronics took a big space a IFA 2022 from Berlin to tell about their products: the patrons of the German fair will be able to see majestic screens and more. And the space needed everything: we were able to evaluate it well when the Senior Go To Market Manager for Italy Nicola Micali showed us the exhibition after the conference. In fact, the brand has launched its own first 98-inch QLED TV and more than a series of large, bright displays. But it also has recreated entire rooms of a technological house to show the many home appliance solutions.

TCL for IFA 2022 has done things big, in every sense

Tech enthusiasts have long known TCL’s impressive growth in the TV market. And consumers are increasingly aware of this, given the triple-digit sales growth for the brand. “Thanks also to the government incentives for the digital switchover, the TV industry is in turmoil and our offer convinces. All the best technology (from panels to Google TV) and a price that is our winning weapon. We are now the third brand in Italy in the sector ”explains Micali while showing the latest news.

Very interesting news, also in hyper-innovative context of IFA. Especially because the brand wanted to offer 360-degree home theater solutions (and not just those).

A home cinema (no need to close the windows)

One of the products that we were able to see first during the conference and then during the exhibition is the new one TV Mini LED Series C835which has already conquered EISA as Best Premium Mini LED TV. A product that not only offers excellent audio quality but also a Dolby Atmos system that ensures you immerse yourself in the scenes during a movie and hear you in the stadium or arena during matches.

Walking through the TCL exhibition you can immediately notice that not only the brand focuses on technology, but it is big. The spacious displays show the quality of the Mini LED on really important screens, including the 98-inch TV. But if you pass by Berlin you will see that it is not the only big TV, in quality if not in size. For example, we found the 55-inch C63 which really fooled us for its price quality (and now costs even less than when we reviewed it).

The sensory experience, however, is not limited only to the eyes but involves you with the audio: in fact TCL has presented its new soundbar top di gamma X937U. Leverage Ray-Danz technology to deliver high quality audio, like that of C935Ualso awarded as Best Buy EISA.

tcl tv mini led ifa 2022 min

TCL at IFA 2022 the display becomes portable

If the brand’s TVs weren’t enough, TCL also presented the new glasses NXTWEAR Wearable Display Glasses. They only weigh 75 grams but when you wear them you will have the sensation of looking at a screen from 140 inchesplaced four meters from them.

Another way to enter the TCL audio-video world. However, this is no longer the only sector the company focuses on.

An increasingly intelligent home

tcl robot ifa 2022 min

Micali explains to us that “we know the TV world well and the users know us well. But our range of household appliances and smart products is expanding more and more, offering great technology at a winning price ”. And the TCL pavilion proves it without a doubt: at the beginning we see the TV show, which welcomes us and invites us to enter. But then we get into the various rooms of TCL’s smart home.

The TV remains the control center of the smart home, but the home ecosystem is expanding more and more. Find for example i conditioners d’aria with the FreshIN patented technology, which have filtration systems to give you clean and healthy air. Then move on to an assortment of refrigerators, robot vacuum cleaners, air purifiers e washing machines in energy category “A” (which with the new categories is not easy to achieve). All products that in the simulated rooms in the TCL stand at IFA 2022 show an attractive design and that you can control via smartphone or TV.

ifa 2022 tcl min

Sustainability and responsibility

TCL aims big not only in products but also when it comes to environmental responsibility and sustainability. In fact, investments in photovoltaics continue for produce clean energy and reduce greenhouse emissions.

But also in building its products it adopts standards that ensure low energy consumption in the production process. Also avoiding do not use conflict minerals and hazardous substances. And then by using ecological packaging and increasing its recycling programs. Not forgetting the large amount of products in energy class A.

TCL at IFA 2022: big (also for sport)

This year TCL launched the claim “Inspire Greatness“, And at IFA 2022 they wanted to embody it in their products. But also with intelligent partnerships, such as the global one with FIBA (International Basketball Federation) dal 2018. Something really important especially given the arrival of FIBA ​​EuroBasket this September. “We will also be able to see Italy at the European basketball championships, and cheering on watching the game on a 98-inch TCL TV is something else entirely.”

But there is no shortage of partnerships with football: English Phil Fodenthe French Raphael Varanethe Spanish rising star Pedriand then the top Brazilian performer Rodrygo. Great players, great products, great sustainable initiatives: in this edition of IFA TCL has done everything really big.