Samsung for the environment: here are the new eco-friendly goals

Samsung per l'ambiente: ecco i nuovi obbiettivi eco-friendly della compagnia thumbnail

During CES 2022, Samsung announced that it is extending its policies eco-sustainability, already tested in the furniture and audio divisions, also in the household appliances and TV sectors, in order to make its products even more ecological. Let’s take a detailed look at what are the plans of the Korean company in terms of environmental protection.

Samsung for the environment: here are the new eco-friendly measures

Samsung said it will increase the use of recycled plastics in products and packaging, and that it will partner with companies such as Patagonia to reduce the impact of microplastiche in the oceans and the environment. However, there are also more experimental initiatives, from solar-powered TV remote controls to a reforestation project blockchain announced during CES 2022.

Samsung’s commitments to sustainability come at a time when the climate change it has become a critical issue in many areas, including politics, business and finance. Car manufacturers have quickly made the switch to electric vehicles, for example, and in the meantime the tech industry has begun to tackle the problem of electronic waste, which is exacerbated by the ever shorter life cycle of products.

For Samsung, these efforts are focusing on using recycled plastic with regard to household appliances, in addition to the development of new parts of products created with recycled materials. The company said it expects that TV e display contain 30 times more recycled plastic than those produced last year.

Finally, as if that were not enough, the company has explained to CES that it wants to make its own televisions and chargers for phones with minimal power consumption when in standby, so that they consume as little electricity as possible when not in use. The goal that Samsung hopes to achieve by 2025 is to completely eliminate single-use plastic from the packaging of its smartphones.

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