Samsung Galaxy Book Go: a featherweight with Qualcomm processor

Samsung is expanding its PC lineup with new devices that offer the best of mobility, connectivity and the Galaxy ecosystem at an affordable price. The latest addition is Samsung Galaxy Book Go, an ultra-compact notebook designed for those who work on the go

Samsung Electronics unveiled the new Galaxy Book Go, a device of the Galaxy Book family powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon platform. The Galaxy Book Go series offers new accessible and versatile solutions to help users realize their potential anywhere, anytime. Woncheol Chai, SVP and Head of Experience Planning Team, Mobile Communications Business at Samsung Electronics, said:

PCs allow us to access our digital lives, helping us connect with friends and family, work remotely, unleash our creativity and relax. Galaxy Book Go is designed to meet the expectations of modern mobile-first users looking for advanced communication and productivity features, as well as immersive entertainment, all in one device. With the new devices of the Galaxy Book family, Samsung further expands its range of notebooks available to consumers, helping them to choose the device that best suits their needs.

With the Galaxy Book Go series, users will benefit from the maximum mobility and productivity. In addition, the new devices complement the Galaxy ecosystem, integrating seamlessly with smartphones, tablets and wearable devices. Capitalizing on the close collaboration between Samsung and Qualcomm Technologies, Galaxy Book Go combines the best features of smartphones with typical PC performance and productivity. Samsung Galaxy Book Go integrates the Qualcomm Snapdragon 7c Gen 2 platform, with the possibility of LTE connectivity. Alex Katouzian, SVP & GM, Mobile, Compute, and Infrastructure of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., comments:

The collaboration between Samsung and Qualcomm Technologies continues by constantly enhancing new generations of innovative devices based on Snapdragon platforms ”. With Samsung, we share our vision of the future of mobile computing, which inspires us to innovate the industry and create more connected, intelligent and productive experiences. We are proud to enhance the Galaxy Book Go series based on our innovative technologies to meet the needs of users, in different price ranges ”.

Samsung Galaxy Book Go: designed to accompany users in their daily life

The flexibility and the connettività always on enabled by Snapdragon platforms, they allow you to manage your daily activities in serenity, from answering emails while having breakfast at the bar, to browsing social media while on the move, to video calls to loved ones before taking a flight. Furthermore, the Samsung Galaxy Book Go series has Windows 10 operating system, which guarantees instant uploads, so you are always ready to resume your work. And for users looking for the highest levels of productivity, Galaxy Book Go is available with a 14 ” display, boasting an extremely thin bezel.

The Galaxy Book Go series screen is perfect for watching your favorite movies on the go, thanks to the slim and light design and the 180 ° rotation hinge, which combine with the guaranteed clear Dolby Atmos sounds. In addition, students will appreciate the long-lasting battery, which allows you to always have access to your notes and online resources, accompanying them during long class days or study sessions in the library. Finally, military-grade ruggedness ensures durability in everyday use.

Samsung Galaxy Book Go: a featherweight with Qualcomm processor Samsung Galaxy Book Go: a featherweight with Qualcomm processor

Samsung Galaxy Book Go: the Galaxy ecosystem at your fingertips

Galaxy devices are designed to collaborate, simplifying everyday life with a seamless ecosystem. It’s possible sync your smartphone with a Galaxy Book Go series device to answer messages, make calls and view Android apps with Link to Windows and Your Phone, extend the screen on the Galaxy Tab S7 series for dual-screen productivity with Second screen, and easily connect the Galaxy Buds to the Galaxy series device Book Go thanks to the Easy Bluetooth connection. All this thanks to the perfect integration of the devices into the Galaxy ecosystem.

You can also use Galaxy Book Smart Switch to transfer files, photos, app lists and even settings from an existing PC to your Samsung Galaxy Book Go series device, so you can set it up in a snap. Furthermore, Quick Share makes it easier than ever to share documents, photos and files between Galaxy devices – no internet connection required. Finally, it is possible to control the lighting or the temperature of the house, with SmartThings, and with SmartThings Find it’s easy to track down a Galaxy smartphone left in another room. And when night falls, you can relax and enjoy your favorite TV channels for free, via the icon Samsung TV Plus built-in, conveniently located in the Windows menu.

Samsung Galaxy Book Go: a featherweight with Qualcomm processor Samsung Galaxy Book Go: a featherweight with Qualcomm processor


Samsung Galaxy Book Go in the LTE version it will be available in Italy from June, a a starting price of 499€. All models are available in a subtle and sophisticated finish, in a Silver tone. Samsung Care +, the support service dedicated to covering accidental screen damage, repairs and more, will be available for the Galaxy Book Go series in select markets, but more information is available on the official website. That’s all from the hardware section, keep following us!

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